my neighbours wife  

rm_kwaki2000 34M
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5/13/2006 4:42 am
my neighbours wife

There is nothing like sex involving the possibility of being caught, one such incident was when I was having sex with my neighbour’s wife. She has a 19 year old daughter who is beautiful but she was my friend’s girlfriend so she was out of bounds for me (theoretically speaking of course). I went there one day and found the mother, we had always been flirting and the most we had done was a kiss. The maid was doing the laundry and the gardener was having his breakfast after a little chit chat I was beginning to rise to the occasion (I am easy to turn on but difficult to turn off).

She got up and closed the kitchen door which linked the laundry and came up to me and we started kissing, slowly and not to intimately at first but then I felt her tongue knocking on my lips and as they say, “knock and the door will be opened” we started French kissing and I reached down and grabbed her ass pulling her closer to my erection. She began rubbing against it with her body and that only served to make it stronger.

We fell onto one of the sofas and I removed her bra from underneath her t-shirt, and my hands started tracing a path around her nipples. She reached down and undid my jeans and by this time I had raised the t-shirt and my tongue was following the path of my fingers. She started rubbing my erect penis which was sticking out from my boxers and so I undid her jeans and rolled them halfway down her thighs and her g-string followed. I could see her juices all around her lips and her g-string. I started by parting her lips and testing her wet pussy with one finger while my thumb traced its way to her clit and started rubbing her gently but firmly, after a few seconds of this she came squirting a small quantity on the leather couch.

She got up and walked to the bedroom and I followed erection in hand. Once there I got to removing all her clothing taking my time and kissing her along the way. When she was totally naked I pushed her to the bed and started kissing my way down her body and making a temporary stop at her breasts. Her nipples were so erect I thought they would separate themselves from her body. I enjoyed them for a few minutes but that wasn’t my destination and I continued down while she her face was still lit up from that detour.

When I reached her sweet smelling pussy I got busy separating her lips with my fingers and started on her clit with my tongue this resulted in her squealing and for a moment she forgot about the maid and the gardener. She came again all over my face and when I got up she was looking pretty dazed. She cleaned my face up and stripped me and wasted no time and went directly to sucking my dick and I don’t know what she was doing with her tongue but it felt amazing. After a few minutes she got of grabbed a few condoms from the drawer and put one on me, then she positioned herself on me. We found a nice pace and we followed it until when she was about to come and she was bucking furiously on me so I increased my thrusts and soon she came but that didn’t stop me I got up turned her around and did it to her doggy style and now she was letting out little screams with each thrust and that only made me go deeper until she came again.

She stood up and told me she was tired so I removed the condom and she asked me how I could do that for that long without coming and I told her it was a gift. Dressed and went back to the lounge to clean up the mess on her couch and with a final kiss left her as she was getting ready for a bath. At the gate met her husband coming for lunch and we chatted casually before I went home to take a shower myself.

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