The call...  

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7/11/2006 11:29 pm

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The call...

"I though you would not call."
"I said I would, sorry I am late."
I wanted to call it was my idea to one so far away. A call I hope to make again as this was a second the first by a distant friend,a good friend that I have grown fawn of. One that is as much a part of my life as any that is here. Strange though it happens and I am glad it has.

The call continues...
"I am naked and on my bed."
"Do you have that toy of yours?"

Some talking of life and family a connection that has grown between us then the heat starts.

We enjoyed each other visuly and within our minds.
Hot and passionet wanting more. Licking and sucking each other, him sticking his hot hard dripping cock into me. Each telling the other what they would like to do and have done. Wanting his hard cock in my mouth and pussy taking it deep and wanting,no...desiring more. Wanting to have the thick hardness of it ramming me deep and deeper,feeling his balls smack against my ass as I kneel on the bed taking him hard from behind.

Then having him lay down and me riding down on his hardness backwards so he can smack my ass and stick a dildo onto it feeling it rubbing up against his,me feeling both in me as I play with my clit and his balls. Each of us hearing the others pleasures and tellling what we would and could do if we were together in person.

Being turned next to my side a leg hoisted up over his shoulder as my pussy is fed a long,hard,thick,throbbing cock. A hand playing with my tits and one my ass spanking it on the occasion. Yes. Painfull pleasure at times is something many of us think of though are too uncertain to venture into.

The conversation goes on and so does our pleasure of the other. The mind is a powerful thing and putting a voice to it can and does make it all the more powerful.

My sucking on his cock,wanting to take it all the way down though am not sure if I can. Though I will try my best to take any cock down all the way. To drive him wild sucking it deep as he sucks at my pussy,licking and making it feel good,very good within my mind.

I know how good I was feeling and fetl and if he felt the same as myself or better then I am very happy. No it does not make up for skin on skin, nothing can, though we will do yet another call and I am sure there will be more.

Yes,skin on skin there really is no subsitute,never will be. Though if all you have is a call and a voice to go along with pictures in your mind and yes you know what the other looks like because you have seen pictures...
Yes...I will hope to pleasure this man again as he has pleasured me and it will be very good once again. Very good. Though.

Should we ever meet in person, I am sure that unless we do not click for some reason then the world is going to stop if only for a moment as I sing and he soars and as he flies I will fly with him and when we land I will sing some more and once again together we will fly.

A dream, you say... perhaps.
Though I and he know for sure.

The call...
"I miss you, it is good to hear your voice again."
"Yes. It is good to hear yours too."

MarcoPolo197676 41M
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7/16/2006 9:52 pm

Hmmm. I dunna know.

rm_kustysangle 53F
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7/20/2006 3:44 pm

Not my normal style no,though it was fun to write.

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