Mountain Love....  

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6/10/2006 12:19 am
Mountain Love....

One thing was certain it was a gift he had made for her year before. A likeness of his cock as vibrator and dildo a love toy that was all him for her, every inch to his likeness.It was a gift that they both enjoyed a lot.

Taking him deeper feeling his hardness glide into her mouth knowing each inch as only a lover could. Having him bend his knees up gave her access to his balls all the more and spots that drove him wild. Lifting his sack gently in her hand she kissed tenderly soft skin. Licking around hot breath and flicking tongue under his sack to his ass. Rimming gently with her tongue just around his hole licking back up to his sack. Around his balls and slowly up his shaft taking him once again into her mouth. Her breasts pressed against his thighs and hand working his sack. Slowly once again she took him in inch my inch to the very root of his being all the way slowly down her throat deep.

He lay enjoying her loving his cock. Knowing how very hot it made her, she did not just like sucking cock, she loved it. The first time she had gone down on him he had learned to just let her do her thing it was not just oral sex for her it was an art refined. The first time he had wanted to take charge and run her mouth up and down his cock the way he wanted. She had stopped in mid-suck looked at him taking what she had gently in her teeth and very subtly shook her head no. Her eyes said it all,'I do it my way and only my way.' He let her be and found that he was to be given the most amazing oral sex he had ever had. Still each time was a little different it seemed a new spot,twist, more attention given to one area then the other. Yes, a master of the art and he had learned her skills surpassed any that could ever be.

She was enjoying herself, sucking off her man taking him deep into her throat. Though she could not go deep for long she knew how. Relaxing the muscles and going slow,easy her time and the core of his manhood was hers. Feeling it pulse in her mouth the whole feeling and she had learned by doing by watching by by wanting to feed a desire of loving the body as a whole. No enhancers like a tongue ring, to her mind if you needed an enhancer you were not doing it right in the first place though she had heard differently by men. One hand now on his hardness the other caressing him, mouth and hand worked in unison.

He put his hand on her head to brush hair away to look into eyes full of passion.lust and love. hr thumb worked gently the underside of his sack back and forth to his ass gentle pressure here and there. The other fingers that cradled his sack circled,caressed and teased. Her speed picked up and her sucking more intense. Tongue and cheeks working hand pulsing moving along with here mouth. She could feel the building of his orgasm. Having taken her hand from his sack to his stomach and chest caressing teasing his nipples. He was going to cum soon and she knew his morning load was going to be sweet and salty. His words of encouragement and caressing of her shoulders and face made her want to feel his hot cum shoot down her throat. She worked harder and quickened her pace. Yes with in minutes he would blow his hot cum into her mouth and her taking it all, every drop. There were gentle thrusts of his hips and hand caressing her hair from her face. He wanted to see her face when he came the flood of expression in her eyes. Jacking him,mouth sucking fine tuned to all that was beneath them. Every pulse,every change in tautness of muscle ripple, every sensation a man could have when getting ready to cum she gould read. Then their eyes met as so many times before and he shot his load into her waiting mouth. She did not stop till she had taken every drop, running her thumb up and along the underside of his sack, from the root on up his shaft a gentle milking with mouth and hand taking every drop.

Taking her mouth slowly up off his cock placing gentle kisses over the head and down his shaft to balls kissing them gently then back up to the head once again. Slowly she kissed her way up his body to his mouth, kissing him softly then deeper a hand still on his manhood cradling it knowing that it soon would spring into action again.

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