Mountain Love...  

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Mountain Love...

A single tear rolled down her cheek,followed by an other then a next she let them come and looked on as an eagle flew and cried over head and a dove cooed in the rafters. Both birds almost in the know that lovers would meet again.

The first months were the hardest for the lovers, as days grew into weeks and weeks into months. As promised she danced each night at the light of the moon and when it had grown too cold out to be by the old walnut tree she danced by the light of candle of fireplace,shadows casting where they may. Each dance ending in her pleasuring herself with one of the toys she had of his likelihood,long hard and thick. Enjoying the feel though not his,yet his deep inside her. Her thoughts going out to him far away overseas in hopes that he too would hear and feel the song she sang in her soul. A song she hoped would bring him home.

Time passes there were emails,web-cam chats,letters,and the odd call and each brought them closer to being together again. She did not get emotional with him when they had their moments as she had to stay strong for her man. She could not and would not have him worrying of her well being that would only put him in harms way of not being able to concentrate on matters at hand. He would not let his voice show his full desire and want of her that was deep,deeper then what he felt possible. He had not been to war while with her and unlike others knew that she more then any wanted him home. He could feel her presents even this far away and he knew as hard as it was she would be strong. He knew too of that morning of her tears though never talked of it,it was natural he knew and she after all had not shown weakness in-front of him and that he admired.

The months passes and time though long it was now known when he would arrive back home or close to the date as his time was coming to an and here in this hot,unforgiving land. He had done his time and now soon he would be home. Home to her and all others he loved and held dear. There was a place they would meet and she would be there each day at the same time and when he arrived he would go to that very spot and make sweet love to her again and again till he could no more. Many would wonder at his not having someone so dear at the airport to meet him though he would know she was waiting at a different spot.

The week came when she knew he should and would be home and each day at late noon she went to the cliffs that had a waterfall and lake below. These were large clefts that they had visited before large enough to enjoy making love on. There was one just outside the spray of the falls where when the sun shone rainbows were made an enchanted place of lovers past and present and would be into the future.

She was not sure just what day it would be a delay could happen, they had cut off calls as it would take away the suspense of when he would be home. Many would not understand this decision though both wanted it to be. It was the fourth day of that week that he arrived, she had already left for the mountain spot of their choosing. Things were set. By three each day she was there ready for him to come to her. It would take an hour to get to their place from the airport and an hour to drive to this spot she was ready.

Sitting at the edge of the cliff she had no fears of where she was. The drop below was only ten feet into the cold lake and the two had jumped off it many a time. She was clothed in a sun-dress enjoying the sun shining down on her. It was his entrance of coming home that surprised her. The wherrrr of copter blades coming in over the mountain top and then coming in close to hovered then a single person being lowered down to the cliff. Looking it was no mistaken her lover was home and over head an eagle soared and cried and in a tree high above a dove cooed as though both knew the song had been heard.

He landed on the cliff,undid the harness and stood there in uniform clean and fresh waiting her arms. It was a good thing his stance was strong for the force of which she flew into his arms would have knocked him down for-sure. She kissed him deep hugging him tight as though a dream that she did not want to let go. He returned that kiss and they knew how much the other was missed. He picked her up and carried her to the spot that she had made for their homecoming of making love. It would have all blown away had it not been for the picnic basket holding down the blanket.

No it is not finished... Just have to leave you all 'hanging' a little . Girl had to have some fun...

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