Mountain Love  

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7/3/2006 3:53 pm

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Mountain Love

Then he felt the stirring within and worked all the faster to make her cum not faster to end things faster to bring her to a height of soaring that he knew she deserved to soar to. And she did
He had licked and sucked at her honey pot,playing with her clit,sticking fingers inside her,reaching up to play with her breasts and stimulating her nipples. She was his lady and he her man they were together yet free. He could go out with the guys and she never said a work,never questioned the trust was Strong and jealousy played no part in their lives. She had spread her legs for him bringing one knee up,letting him have his way with her hot hole of love. SHe had road up into his face and caressed along his shoulders.

Feeling his tongue in her,nose rubbing against her clit a thumb up her ass fingers stroking as he tongued her. In time her legs began to shake and the riding of his face faster the desire to have him take her with finger and mouth was great. He had pinched and released her clit with his thumb and pointer a painful pleasure,some thing she had actually taught him how to do and it was an awesome new trick to his already artful oral loving.

Now that she had cum he was happy though the day was still young and there was much more loving to be had. The two washed each other and the sun was just coming to below mid shower room window that let then know it was late noon. It was with the sun shining in that she once again went to her knees and too his clean hard cock into her mouth.

Starting at the head and slowly all the way down her throat. It always amazed him how she did this when so few had be able to in the past. He understood it was all in relaxation and being able to go down at her own time,all the way to the root of him and his hardwood. Tongue,cheeks,lips and hand worked as one while the other stroked his balls and played with his ass.

Rimming,it was not for everyone though she enjoyed the sensation it gave him and the act was one that did not bother her. She loved having hie legs up so she could have access to his balls,ass and hard cock.She worked him as she had before,though this day was more intense. Her heart and soul was as one along with her mind and sucking him off loving him orally was as much a turn on for her as it was for him. Soon she could feel the hot cum starting at his balls coursing through, her thumb worked along where balls and ass met rubbing, her other fingers cupping and stroking around his balls.

The right hand grasping his shaft pulsing along it and running up and down from sack up,mouth lips tight,tongue swaying,licking within her mouth along his hardness, cheeks along the sides pulsing along with the sucking of her mouth and hand. Up and down as she pleased, picking her speed knowing just the rhythm that would have her love shooting hot salty,sweet cum into her mouth and down her throat.Hand and mouth working as one he rose up into her wanting to fuck her mouth harder, though let her do what she was because it was feeling too damn good. Soon the hot lava was flowing up and out and into a waiting mouth. Once he was done he took her to him as he lay on the shower bench and kissed her deep. The sun had passed yet an other hour and again was beaconing them to go out and play. Play they would, well into the night. Once again the two would dry and eat then set out to yet an other spot they enjoyed together. A spot under the stars and moon on a cloudless night.

madcowrunning 55M

7/3/2006 6:38 pm

mmmmm my dove you are driving me mad with hot lust and joy,,,time we can to play and drive each other to the depth of earth and drive me to stars above,,mmmmmmm my heart is bursting to play

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