Mountain Love  

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Mountain Love

He bent and kissed her deep her juices on his lips and hers pushing his rock hard cock into her as he did so. The beads in her ass rubbing against him feeling good,he drew up and squeezed her breasts teasing her nipples with his teeth and tongue.
Reaching over he took yet an other weight and placed it on the ring knowing that the weight of it would slowly pull yet an other bead from her ass. He took her hard and fast the whole time playing with her breasts sucking at them and teasing her nipples. Then he stopped and placed an other weight on the ring giving them a swing from side to side feeling the remaining three move slowly along. Drawing his hard cock out so as just the head was in he slowly pushed in and just as slowly withdrew. Her hands reached and played with his nipples and caressed his broad chest,over his shoulders and down his back. Licking at all the erogenous zones she knew,sucking at an earlobe then a nipple.teasing with teeth and tongue.

He looked down at her, into her eyes and knew that she was enjoying very much. Blue sparkling eyes shone and her smile became all the more vibrant then her eyes changed and became more gray. Still slowly stroking into her, he could feel the beads yet along his hardness and then he felt one slip out sending a sensation through them both. She drew her legs up around his lower-back bringing him all the deeper into her rose up her hips urging him on. They talked as all lovers do sweet things, things that made them hot,sexy steam words that penetrated not only the ear it went to the soul.

He reached over and yet again and put a weight to the ring, gave it a swing and the look in her eyes told him that she was ready to be brought to a higher plane. He knew the sighs, the change in breathing,the feel of here heart under his hand, her pulling him deeper into her wanting his hardness to reach her very being. He quickened his pace, balls banging hard against her ass,lips seeking hers,feeling the remainder of the beads slowly slip out as he banged into her. "God Yes, OOoohhh YESSSS.My God it feels sooo gooood. OOOoohh Yes Babe Fuck me Fuck me harder Pleeeeaaassseee." She was all lady,when she had to be,always a best friend,her family came first and she knew how and when to have fun or get down to business. Though my God he thought as all these passed by his mind all this and more. A hot,hungry spitfire that could suck him dry one moment,make him all hard again and fuck him like a porn queen, his porn queen one that many only dreamed of. These thoughts and her words drove him on and soon he could feel her cervix sucking at his hard cock and her inner muscles contracting around his love muscle getting all the tighter around it. "OH ya Babe, that's it cum all over my hard cock, make it feel good."

Their hands never left the other's body,eyes never broke from the other,two became one and her release was heard by every creature great and small that had ear to hear and they heard his as well as two lovers joined in a pureness that only real lovers could know. Flying higher then eagles soaring on current high above the mountain tops. Playing on the currents riding them slowly endlessly on and on till they together glided down and rested in a heated lovers embrace.

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