Mountain Love  

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Mountain Love

With one hand caressing her body the other played with her pussy teasing her clit.He slowly pulled at the anal beads and one started to pop out and he slowly pushed it back in then pulled it out slowly once again pushing it back in. His tongue busy on her pussy along with his fingers inside pushing the balls around.

On occasion he would reach up and play with a breast pinching at a nipple,teasing it. His tongue was working around her wet pussy,thumb rubbing her clit then ever so slowly he started to play and pull at the set of anal beads in her ass. Pulling at the ring he made one bead slip out and let it swing back and forth tapping her ass as he continued to play with her pussy. Getting up he brought over a large pillow to place under the small of her back, bringing her butt up higher,letting the bead dangle freer taking he pulled at the ring some more a second bead slowly slipping out he pushed it back up and in. He gave the one bead a little swing as he played with her pussy sticking his tongue deep.

Her hand on his head and one caressing her beast she was feeling good,so very good. He knew she was feeling good though it was not time to have her cum.He wanted to play more. Stranding he went to the truck and brought out a box that they both knew held toys of all sorts. Opening the box he took out a smaller box in it were little weights to hook onto the ring one at a time drawing the beads out. He also brought over the foam wedge to lay her on, in a reclined position ass and pussy all the higher legs spread hanging over the end feet inches from the ground. They both really enjoyed this piece of equipment. It was something they had designed together and it filled many uses very comfortably.

With her ass now all the higher the beads swung all the more he placed a little weight on the ring and made it swing. Now with her higher he stuck two fingers into her and rubbed where the beads were and at her clit. "Feel good?" "Yes,very God it feels so freaking good." "GIve them to me I want those hot wet ball in my hand." "mmm, Alright two nice wet balls coming up. Though you have to let me lick one off too." "OH I will babe, I will." She worked her pussy and fingers inside being reclined the way she was it was not as easy as standing up though soon the ban-wa balls were out and in his hand. Dripping with her juices. Taking them he placed one to her lips the other to his and each licked a ball clean. "Yummm." "Your a vixen. All to hungry for more." "Not too hungry I hope." He bent and kissed her deep her juices on his lips and hers pushing his rock hard cock into her as he did so. The beads in her ass rubbing against him feeling good,he drew up and squeezed her breasts teasing her nipples with his teeth and tongue.

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Nice story < tell me more Mountain love do i use this number ?

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