Mountain Love  

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6/21/2006 9:51 pm

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Mountain Love

He had take to pulling gently at the ring stimulating her ass with the anal beads and decided it was time to drive her wild,very,very wild. He took her hand and lay her down on the soft blanket.
Still standing above her he removed his shirt then shoes and socks undid his belt and fly and slid his jeans down and off now standing naked before her. The sun shone behind him and he looked beautiful in the just noon light. The man she loved standing there, a body that like hers was not perfect by any means though to hers to enjoy as was hers for him. The two knew how to enjoy and it was not all sex and lust, it was a loving as a whole body and mind. A connection that ran deeper then many could ever understand an unspoken communication that kept them strong. Naked now he lay beside her and started to make her body dance.

First he ran his hands along her body enjoying the softness of her skin. Along her breasts,caressing her neck and around her face,back down to rounded breasts and beyond. He stopped at her Venus mound and felt her wetness then took the ring of the anal beads pulling gently. Their lips met and he parted hers with his tongue over her teeth to draw her tongue to his tasting the two tongues danced and played. Her hands caressed him lightly over hard chest and broad shoulders along his sided seeking to between his groin. He started to kiss slowly down her body light and tender,ducking at her nipples enjoying their feel in his mouth and under hand. Going lower yet to her wet pussy, pulling ever so gently on the ring.

With one hand caressing her body the other played with her pussy teasing her clit.He slowly pulled at the anal beads and one started to pop out and he slowly pushed it back in then pulled it out slowly once again pushing it back in. His tongue busy on her pussy along with his fingers inside pushing the balls around.

Bedtime and dream time...
Though I would write more the hour is late...
Tease...perhaps... though if all the candy in the candy store was sampled at once then there would be no more candy to eat...and the tooth that was sweet would soon crave no more. Now what fun is a candy shop if new treats were not added every now and then.

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