Hidden Desires...  

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Hidden Desires...

Hi all it just feels good to be back in the grove. Now that the story is on the go and I am enjoying the writing of it and what it does for me too the pleasure is all back. I have a feeling though that you all need to sit back,relax and enjoy this is going to be a long one I think. What hidden desires do you have?
She had explained that if both enjoyed then it was alright, though if he really found it distasteful they would not do it. To her pleasure he had grown to enjoy all that it brought to the relationship in the bedroom and at times out.
They had agreed on language that they could and could not use in the bedroom (their home) or out at the site or other somewhat public place. 'Bitch', was out both found the word very distasteful 'slut' and 'fuck' were the two words both used 'she was the 'slut' he was 'toy'. Though he was far from being a 'boy toy, it worked. Phrases like,'Suck my cock slut and suck it hard,' were alright and made them hotter at times. She would come out with 'Come here toy and suck my pussy.' They liked role play each had been dominated by the other to some degree and there too the role play had been talked about to make sure both were on the same track. Again if it was consensual and both were comfortable all was good and it enhanced their relationship a lot.

Watching her tits in the mirror made him wonder what it would be like to have someone sucking on them as he fucked her. To have her sucking at an other cock/pussy and she would be doing that this weekend.He smacked her ass again and he saw on her face the pleasure. "Get you ass to the bedroom I want you on the floor sucking my cock." She did not answer rather followed him out the door and waited for him to pick a spot. Just as she thought, right in front of the large closet mirrors."Right down here my little cock sucking slut and suck it good." "No, I wanted you to fuck me so that is what 'you' are going to do." He looked at her and smiled, reached for her hand and pulled her to him gently. "No more till you suck my cock and make me cum.Now on your knees, be the sweet little cock sucker I know you are. Show me what you have to offer the 'stud muffin coming up here later this week."

Looking pouty with a slight smile and eyes that looked sassy,"Oh all right,as long as I get fucked long and hard later." She slowly slid down his body with her mouth working. Starting at his earlobes and along his neck hot sensual kisses and tongue flicks in the right areas working down his chest and sucking at each of his nipples playing with them. God she was a tease and damn good at it too. His cock was all the harder at what she was doing.

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