Hidden Desires...  

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8/9/2006 4:35 pm
Hidden Desires...

She could feel his orgasm building and her pussy started to juice up really good all wet and ready. He would make her cum really fast when they got home them build her up slow and easy teasing till he was ready to make her cum again... it was going to be a good night a very good night.
Not only was it a good night it was great for them both,cumin over and over again. The the love making had been very good it was the talk after that had them both charged sexually. Each had told the other of how they would 'yes like to try a manage a troas,' they agreed of the add in the paper in both counts.


Looking for a little adventure and fun?
Would you like to try something new unless
you have done it already then your welcome too.

A mature couple is looking to experiment sexually
and is looking for adventurous safe fun. He wants an other lady and I an other man.Should you feel that this is something your interested in then contact us at this paper.
PO BOX....

The responses came in within the week and the two set about interviews. There was a weeding out of wheat from shaft and in the end both were satisfied with the chosen two. The lady was in her late twenties mature and willing to prove to them that she was clean and safe. She had experienced a manage a troas once before and was ready to try one again and this was a perfect opportunity. A discreet couple also willing to prove they were clean and safe.

The man they had interviewed was younger then what he would have liked though if the lady could be in her twenties then stud muffin it was. Besides if things went well then it could be a more then one time thing and best be happy with who they had chosen and not have to start all over again.

It had been harder to choose the guy then the young female. His partner was the main say in who and why. Most of the men had come off as too cocky and she did not like that. She wanted someone sure of himself yes, though not cocky.
He was also in his twenties and somehow she felt strongly that his not having a manage a troas was part of the draw for all three. Her partner was surprised that she had chosen the one she did though the two had talked of what each wanted it was not the physical being that drew her if was the intellect and personality.

With in a two weeks of their meeting the young lady and her giving and seeing also their medical report a date and place was set. It would not be in their home or hers rather a classy get a way. This was a vacation for them both as well so the place was an off season room at a Fernie ski chateau. The atmosphere was all they could want and more.

So the meat of the story begins...

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