Hidden Desires  

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Hidden Desires

"I was just packing us up a picnic lunch to take up the mountain where you and I can better acquaint ourselves."
"Sound good,I have been anticipation this weekend for sometime now. I just hope you and your partner are still looking forward to it, I know people change their minds." "I assure you that we have not changed our minds and both of us are happy you could make it." The two had walked to the kitchen and together finished up the light lunch. There was no basket to pack into the backpack would have to work too it would be easier taking up the chairlift.

The older of the two looked at her young quest and knew that they would get along very well. Her dark hazel eyes and auburn hair high cheek bones and full smile were warm and friendly. She was slim though not too slim there was meat to her along with full breasts and a nice butt, form the female view point. It was her personality and open honesty that was very attractive. She wore jeans and a T-shirt that fit her well showed the youth of still firm breasts. Noticing that she was being looked at the young lady smiled.

"You are ready for this aren't you? I am glad me too, my last experience was very good and I am sure this one will be too." With those words she caressed the shoulder of her hostess and down along her back. More a friendly 'hi how you and all is fine,' kind of caress,soft. Turning to face each other the two reached for the last piece of fruit at the same time hands touching and a real meeting of eyes. There was an instant feel of 'yes this is going to fun' as the same smile played across each others lips. "I think we should get going, I understand the ride up and back down is awesome.I will get a blanket to sit on." With everything in hand the two started up the road to the chairlift, talking of their trips out from the coast.

It was on the lift that the younger of the two took charge of the situation, knowing that she after all was the more experienced or the two. Placing her left hand on the thigh of her hostess she started to rub it back and forth up along to her crotch just a little. Turning to her then ran a hand through her hair and along her shoulder and down her breast, back up to her cheek. It took her companion by surprise though not unpleasantly when she placed a gentle kiss on her lips and teased her mouth open with her tongue. The older of the two was surprised at the way her body was reacting though liked the feel. Tentatively opening her lips to the advancing of a tongue that was not that of a man's she enjoyed the softness of lips and gentle probing.

Still unsure of just what she was suppose to feel the older of the two just knew she was feeling good. Taking her hand she returned the caress to her new friend. Along her shoulder and over a breast also feeling really for the first time,though covered the breast of an other woman. Soft,firm,full and a nipple hardening to her touch made her warm and she could feel the wetness between her legs. Nearing the top of the hill the two stopped their first exploration of each other. They had not realized just how close to the little operators shack they were. The lift operator had a smile on his face that said everything. "Enjoy ladies, and should you like a hand with anything you know where to find me." The two smiled at each other and both blushed, in unison both looked back "We will." They could not believe the fact that both had said and blushed the same. Giggling off down the hill the two went in search of a place to enjoy the meal and more.

I sing with my soul as the eagle once again soars...and too in doing so lifts my spirits. I am ready again to write with all my being and how good it feels.

{{{G}}} my friend...

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9/12/2006 2:11 pm

Need a picnic - gotta go!

Until later

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