Hidden Desires  

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9/9/2006 8:52 pm
Hidden Desires

He was happy with the choice his partner had made taking into account not only what she wanted also what he wanted. He wondered what the two were doing at this moment then looking at his watch saw that it was only 10:30.
Getting to the top of the mountain did not take long and the view was awesome. The Lizard mountain range and vally was beautiful to his left was the Three Sisters and Hosmer Mountain the Elk River below was great fishing and many rafters went down enjoying the gentle flow of the waters. They had skied the slopes of the hill many times having lived in the area for years before moving to the West Coast. The view was as he remembered it though without snow.

Getting off the lift he walked to the meadow and wondered how the ladies would 'get comfortable' up here though the traffic was light mountain bikers took this trip up on a regular bases making multiple trips with the right pass. He knew she would do just fine and went for a walk,trying hard not to get hard and that was almost impossible.

Just shortly after 11:00 there was a knock at the unit door the occupant inside was finishing up a few things left what she was doing went to answer. "Welcome, I am ...we are glad you could come, good trip I hope." "It was thank you and perfect time too,I was heading this way to Calgary for a family visit. I just love the drive and this is a perfect place to rest and recharge." "Come on in and let me show you around." Taking her younger guest by the hand and helping with the bags the two went to the smaller of two bedrooms. It would not be used much she was sure though the young lady had to put her things somewhere.

"I was just packing us up a picnic lunch to take up the mountain where you and I can better acquaint ourselves."

Again not much just enough to wet the whistle...catch the imagination and keep us all going.

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