Hidden Desires  

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9/8/2006 9:06 pm
Hidden Desires

Tired now form a days travel and enjoying each other the two fell asleep her still in him resting her head on his arm. In their sleep at some point they would come away from each other as was natural only to awaken wanting more, or at least one would want more and it was not always him.
Waking early spooned together as they often had wakened,he caressed her breast and along her side. It was not a 'come on baby...lets get it on' caress it was an 'I love you and I am glad your with me', kind of caress. The caressing did not stop it turned into a gentle massage of her neck and shoulders taking away the tensions or a long trip and nights sleep. "Good morning." She turned to face her partner and gave him a light kiss on the lips,smiling. "Good morning." He looked into her eye and saw all the reasons why he was with her inside. "I am going to go make us coffee and a little something to eat, you rest and when it is ready I will bring it to you." Taking her chin in his hand he tilted her face to him and kissed her nose. Pulling back the covers only enough to slip out of bed he walked out the room to make toast and coffee. He did not like to see her start her day without a little something to eat each morning and knew she did all too often.

In fifteen minutes he was back with two cups of coffee and toast for them each and a glass of milk for her as well. He could not help but care, she had done the same a number of times herself, it was a very two way street. "Eeemmm that coffee smells good." "Black just the way you like it." "Strong?" and there was a little giggle to an on going joke. Smiling back,"Yes" and he set the tray down into her hands to keep it all steady while he climbed back into bed.

"So just how do you want to start our day off when our guest arrives?" He was surprised that she was the one to bring up their guest. " I aahh really had not though of it till now I just thought that..." He blushed and it was a turn on to her to see him blush as it did not happen often. "Nice..." she reached up to stroke his cheek. He knew she meant the blush not the fact that he had not given much thought on their guests comfort. "I have.I thought that perhaps her and I after she brought in her things go for a ride up the chairlift. You know get to know each other a little better. We could take a snack with us and a blanket to sit on." "And where vixen do I fit into all this then?" He said it with a smile in his voice and twinkle in his eye.
"Why already up there of course, out and about...you can watch and see just how we get along.Then join us for a bite to eat." 'God she was good...'his thoughts went on as they ate. "Sounds perfect to me." Having eaten,showered and dressed the two went about making their first guest welcome.

He walked up to the lift and bought a ticket, sitting on the lift he enjoyed the view of green mountains,meadows and over all terrain of the countryside around him. Too it gave him a chance to day dream of what was to come and how things might unfold. The young lady was 28 as he remembered younger them them both. He was happy with the choice his partner had made taking into account not only what she wanted also what he wanted. He wondered what the two were doing at this moment then looking at his watch saw that it was only 10:30.

I leave us all here..to think of what comes next ...and enjoy the thought of an adventure to come.

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