Hidden Desires  

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Hidden Desires

He lay beside her and sucked at a nipple playing with her breasts with one hand the other sliding to her venus mond and a finger sliding to her clit to tease at it,circling around and around.
"That feels good." "I know,now it is your turn to enjoy." He slowly slid the same finger between the labia sliding over the virgina feeling the wetness taking it back to the clit. Playing with both the inner and outer labia he teased his fingers into her virgina and out again. The warm wetness he spread around her clit pulling his fingers out wet and rubbing a nipple sucking it off. On occasion he would bring his fingers to her mouth and let her suck them off. Slowly he kissed his way to her junction placing tender kisses along the outer limits of her love canal.

Taking his ring and index finger he spread both sets of lips holding them back using his thumb to stroke her clit. Slowly he brushed her inner pussy with his lips and slowly worked his tongue around the outer wall. Tiny moans of pleasure were starting to build and her hips moving to his gentle teasing of her. He pushed his mouth to her wetness and licked deeper with his tongue,bringing it up to her clit and flicking at it. Still holding open the labia with one hand he fingered her pussy with the other sucking and teasing at her clit with his mouth.

He took and pinched her clit with thumb and finger rolling it between,stimulating it and enjoying the reaction it created for his partner. The pushing up to his hand and mouth wanting of more made him hard all over again. Though he would not penetrate her till later after she had cum and he had tasted of her sweetness. "Your enjoying this aren't you." "Yes,oohh yes I am." As he looked up at her he saw that she was playing with her tits with one hand the other had gone to his shoulders and was caressing him.
So once again I stop short I will have more to write later though for now it is time to quit and be off to bed. Just me and the pussy...cat that is. Two pussies in a bed how lucky can one lady get? Both are perrrrfect though. One question to you all though??

Why are men such good drivers?

The answer at the end of tomorrows part of the story. Can't give you everything at once,now can I ??

Good night all and only the sweetest of dreams...what ever they maybe

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