Hidden Desires  

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9/3/2006 9:34 pm

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Hidden Desires

Yes she was the best cock sucker he ever had and knew it the very first time she went down on him. He often let her know just how good she was and the appreciation of her being as good as she.
"That's it slut suck it hard,that's it take it all the way. God your a good little cock sucker and you know just how to do it right don't you.Look at me as you suck my cock I want to see your eyes." With her mouth working his cock and other hand his balls she could feel the juices starting to stir. "You like that fat juicy cock don't you hot and throbbing in you mouth." He knew now that she could take him all the way down if not pushed.Just how to this day he did not know how she took it all,all as he knew was that she could do it for a time and it felt good.

He knew too that not all ladies liked oral giving or receiving and that some men were the same way. The odd partner he did have that did not like to suck him off he did not push the issue with them,plane and simple 'no' was 'no' and they had worked around it. He became all the hotter thinking of her sucking some other guys cock and having oral for the first time with an other female drove him to almost cum. It was the other female that was going to he was sure be the height of excitement for them both. As she had said,'I already know what a cock feels like.'
Having an other man take her was going to be interesting he was as straight as an arrow and as long as 'stud muffin'stayed at his end of pleasuring his lady all would be just fine. Now the young lady could do what ever she wanted and then some. He wondered if he could talk dirty to her too.

He was close to cumin and knew it and soon his hot juices would be in her mouth and down her throat. "That's it suck it harder and faster now, make my cock feel good slut.You are my little cock sucking slut aren't you,making my cock feel good is your job right. Hot and fast fucking it with your mouth just right you like it and know it." With her hand at his balls and a finger playing ass hole all five fingers working his sack. "OOOoohhhh God that feels good." Her hand and mouth was working in unison,lips tight,cheeks pulsing,tongue doing what it was doing all of it pure pleasure.

Though when she stopped on the occasion at the head and grazed her teeth just over it it drove him wild and she always seemed to do it just before he shot his load. The smile on her face said it all and then there was that mischievous little giggle that said even more.'Yes I am your little cock sucker'look 'and I know your ready to cum but not till I am ready.' Somewhere she had learned how to apply the right pressure to the right spots to stop him from cumin when he waned yet when that pressure was let go and it was not for long he shot hard and fast.

"OOOOoohhhh God babe,yeeessss jeeessss yessss.my God OOOooohhhhh yeeesssss baby suck that nice juicy cock OOoooohhhh yesssssss." She could feel the sperm starting to move and worked her mouth and hands all the faster, knowing that at any time the hot liquid would spill forth for her to take. "OOOooohhh fuck yaaaa,oooohh yaaaaaaa.Here you go little cock sucker here you goooo take it alllll babe." The hot juices shot from his cock into her mouth and down her throat,tasting good very good.

He ran a hand over her head and cupped her chin,"My God girl your good." He helped her up and kissed her deep the taste of his cum still on her lips. Caressing her and cupping a breast gently he led her to the queen bed in the room and lay her down,legs over the bed. "Your amazing I can never get enough of you." "You haven't had any of me yet." "Oh I will and it will be very good."

He lay beside her and sucked at a nipple playing with her breasts with one hand the other sliding to her venus mond and a finer sliding to her clit to tease at it,circling around and around.
I have brought some elements into this story that I am familiar with and enjoy. I am sorry if others find the 'dirty'talk distasteful and apologies to those that do. It is easy to skip over and enjoy the rest. 'Dirty talk' is not for everyone as oral sex is not for everyone. Too there are things that are going to happen in this story that I have not experienced and so will have to let my imagination take me to where it is I take us. The imagination is a powerful thing and I like mine a lot.

Rmsman 66M
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9/3/2006 11:32 pm

I do love your stories as imagination is what keeps us alive and young at heart. God gave us these bodies for more than just procreation. I look forward to your next adventure as I don't just need pictures of naked bodies to feed my thirst for life. Don't forget to tell both sides of the story. Thank you for the lift of my spirits through these continuing sagas.


rm_kustysangle 54F
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9/4/2006 9:21 am

Glad your enjoying. I will be telling both sides of the story and wonder just how close I get to the real thing,perhaps someone will tell me when I am done. I am glad too that I lift your spirits. As I said it is a long story and perhaps in writing such has made me think...that it is time to look into writing for a magazine...and see what happens... Hay... they can only turn me down...

mike45656 59M

9/4/2006 1:43 pm

Hi Kustyangle,

what you have write is realy hot and that turnd me on that my cock is realy hard.

regards mike

rm_kustysangle 54F
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9/4/2006 11:41 pm

Mike ...

I am glad you are enjoying

I hope you have also enjoyed Mountain Love and Forest Lake my first two stories.

Thank you for reading and I hope you keep enjoying.


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