Hidden Desires  

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9/3/2006 12:46 am
Hidden Desires

I know I said I would write more 'tomorrow' and tomorrow has/had past to the wayside. Sorry my net went down and no not the fishnet...LOL...though I am sure some would like that. Though I have not and do not ware fishnet...perhaps would if the right man did ask. . I continue with just a little more to 'wet the appetite. The hour is late or early and I have to work in the morning...6:00 to be exact. So why be up writing? Why to let you all know I am as dedicated a writer as you are readers. If only a little
Taking the head of his cock into her mouth she teased the head ever so gently with her teeth. "Come on slut suck my cock nice and hard, be the good little cock sucker I know you can be."
Looking up at him she saw the smile in his eyes and ran a thumb over his cock-head spreading the precum over it. Then with a passion like no other before her she took him deep. Holding his balls gently in the palm of her hand going all the way back up and down again several times very fast,never loosing pace. Lips still locked on hard and tongue going back and forth along the under-shaft teeth never touching to graze the tender skin she continued her artful sucking of his cock. God if ever there was a prize for sucking cock she would win it for sure. Somewhere along the line she had learned to suck cock and was a master of the art. The number of times he had wondered if she was in a past life a Courtesan of earlier years.

A courtesan taught by only the very best of royal lovers on how to take a mans cock and make him feel like a king, though often the lover of the king himself or that of a Duke,great knight or other higher up in the kings court. In todays terms a high payed mistress,kept very well with no worries as her art of pleasuring and discreet manor was highly sought.

Not always one of sexual favor one of class and beauty one that dresses well,knew how to act as a lady should and would. A lady that could go to the royal ball and be the show on the arm or to the theater and enjoy the company of a lonely man. To many a confidant and friend the best of friend something,someone not all wives could or would be.

Yes she was the best cock sucker he ever had and knew it the very first time she went down on him. He often let her know just how good she was and the appreciation of her being as good as she was.
I have not written as much as I would have liked ...6:00 comes all too soon. I will write more as soon as I can. For now you will have to forgive me as I get myself off to bed as the hour draws very late and the morning all too close.
Sweet dreams all if not sweet ... then other

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