Hidden Desires  

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Hidden Desires

With in a two weeks of their meeting the young lady and her giving and seeing also their medical report a date and place was set. It would not be in their home or hers rather a classy get a way. This was a vacation for them both as well so the place was an off season room at a Fernie ski chateau. The atmosphere was all they could want and more.

The couple arrived at the chateau just around noon looked around and settled in. The master bedroom had a queen bed, lovely mirrored closet doors, a jacuzzi tub and great lighting. The other room had two sets of bunk-beds and also mirrored closet, The bunk-beds could prove interesting both liked the potential they had for more exploration of fantasy fun. The main area was all open,living-room,kitchen and dining room all combined. The kitchen had an island,with marble top, cool to the touch and too would prove interesting and the table was very large. There was a fireplace on the west wall,couch and two big very comfortable chairs. All the lighting was great and the natural light from the windows made this the perfect place to try something new as they were.

Their guest would arrive at around 11:00 the next morning and they knew she would be ready to stay the night if things went well and all were having as good a time they felt they would. The young lady seemed as excited as they and was the one to suggest she stay longer for more should all desire it. The though and talking of it made the couple hot and within the hour of arriving were enjoying each other a lot. Having satisfied their hunger for each other and cleaning up they went to dine at the Griz Inn a rather pricey place though it was their vacation and one meal as this out would be just the appetizer of fun to come. With the unit having a full kitchen they had brought enough food for the stay and knew that they could go into town if needed for more. After dinner the two went back to their lodgings and enjoyed what the night brought on.

She was tired and decided the best thing was a nice relax in th jacuzzi a real piece of luxury and not to be passed up. Filling a glass with wine,lighting candles and placing them just right she dimmed the lights set the music low and climbed in. There should be no interruptions as he was watching the baseball game on TV and having his own time. Though one never knew and each never said no to the other when it came to making love or just having sex, or almost never. They just enjoyed too much and did not tire of each other.

Just having sex a time when things were cut short for one reason or an other making it a quickie or a time when she could not or the tease before work. Both had also left the other hanging cumin then stopping before the other could and ending things keeping the other hot all day. When they made love it was long,sensual fun that lasted for hours between foreplay, orgasms and after-play that built up into more a constant cycle of enjoyment till one of both could go no more. There had been a number of mornings he had woken to her hot mouth on his cock sucking him to wakefulness making him cum before going off to work,she knowing full well that her time would come later that night and it was always good very very good.

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