Hidden Desires ...Part Two...  

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12/30/2006 8:43 pm
Hidden Desires ...Part Two...

'Thank you for the gift, it is lovely. I will make us a fruit salad for dinner tonight, I am tired of all the heavy foods we have been eating lately and the flowers are beautiful.' She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him,he in turn gave her backside a smack.
The two ate a fruit salad and a green salad enjoying a glass of ice wine. The night was a restful one the day had passed quickly and tomorrow would be Thursday. She wanted things
to be just right for their next guest and her partner. 'What are some of the things you would like to do when our next guest gets here?' It was an honest question she wanted to ask. The two were reclined watching TV again just enjoying each others company. He looked down at her as she looked up and kissed her brow,smiling.

'I really want to see you sucking him off and in front of the mirror too. You sucking him off as I fuck you,cumin in you and then him cumin in your mouth at the same time. God now that I have had time to think of it more there is really so much I want to do and see you do to the two of us.' He rubbed her breasts through her night gown and could feel her nipples harden. They would have fun tonight but there would be no penetration as he just wanted to play and be played with. To suck and tease her with his mouth and fingers, watching her cum over and over again to his mouth and hands. This would be her night. The thought of what he would do went on and on he could feel himself getting harder and harder. Then looked down to see closed eyes and knew she had slipped into a sleep. She looked like such an angel at that point in time he had not realized just how tired she must be.

He gently woke her,turned off the TV and took them both to bed,he had not thought of himself as tired but within moments was asleep also. The morning came late in some respects for them both it was 9:00 when he felt a hot mouth on his hard morning cock. 'OOoh Babe, you just know how that gets me going in the day.' Eyes looking up at him and a mouthful of cock,'mmmmpphhh' there was a smile behind the lips. Taking her mouth off his cock for a moment she looked at him,'about time you woke up, I have coffee on the go and you still cutting logs to my going down on you.' You were just as tired am me last night,she had not stopped stroking his cock the whole time. 'Vixen,taking advantage of the resting.' She payed him no mind rather went back down on him sucking him all the harder.

Once again her hot mouth and hand worked magic up and down along his cock. It did not take long for him to cum and it was her sucking that did it all. The heat,tightness of her mouth and hands that just knew how to jack him off just right. She had always known just how tight or loose to grip his manhood and the rhythm changed as time went on. Slow to fast, further and further down his cock at just the right time too. She always took him to the very core of his being cupping his balls and often rimming him. This morning it did not take him long to shoot his load into her hot waiting mouth. Her rhythm had quickened and the grip with her mouth and hand tightened she was in control of this cock sucking, it was the kind of sucking and jacking she did when she wanted him to cum hard and fast into her waiting mouth. The hunger in her eyes told the tale, she would have eaten him alive where he a piece of meat and she a tigress in the jungle. On the other hand, she was eating him alive and it was feeling so good.

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