Forest Lake...a little more...  

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5/24/2006 10:44 pm

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Forest Lake...a little more...

A book is in the basket and with no one around it will be nice to shad her clothes and enjoy natures beauty, feeling the warmth of the sun on her skin after the cool waters of the lake.
Heading right to the big old birch where the grass was softest and the wild strawberries grew in abundance,sweet untouched by hands other then hers as far as she knew. The wild flowers were blooming, tiny wild orchards,clover and long ago seed of garden flowers that were hardy enough to go on in the mountain air year after year. There were daises and a current bush abundant with fruit. Setting down the basket and spreading out her blanket satisfied that all was as should be she set to making herself more comfortable.

Taking the tie from her hair it cascaded down her back and over her shoulders in a thick mane of auburn that had been begging to be free once again. Slipping off her sneakers and socks she rolled up the leg of her jeans and walked through the thick cool mountain grass feeling it under her feet as walked to the lake to sit and first cool her feet.

God it felt good to come here away from all that was back in the city. A dragonfly was snapped up by a fish and the ripples spread out across the small lake as the waterfall played it's tune to the lake caressing the air with a fine mist. An eagle circled in the sky and cried out to his mate swooping down and talons stretched snatched a fat fish from the lake, perhaps the same that had just eaten the dragonfly.

Tipping her head to the sun and it's warmth she slowly undid one button at at time of the light cotton white blouse she wore. Stopping after the first three she started to pull it out from her jeans. Taking the time to step into the lake feeling small smooth pebbles under her feet. Smiling and taking in the freshness of all around her she undid the rest of the buttons letting the cool mountain air tease her skin and flap the blouse around her slender waist. Slipping her blouse fully off she walked back to the blanket and lay it on the blanket. Undoing the snap to her jeans she slowly slid then down rounded hips and shapely thigh and calves.

swave7777 40M

5/26/2006 2:37 pm

very erotic, id luv for you to tell me more

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