Forest Lake...She cums ...(Not done yet)  

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Forest Lake...She cums ...(Not done yet)

He knew she was done and took her gently by the shoulders and brought her to her feet once again bringing her hot mouth to to his and with out any hesitation by either lips met and tongues fenced a dance of wanting more,much more.
It was he that broke the kiss and looked down into her eyes no longer blue more of a steal gray. "You want more,don't you?" More of a statement then a question. Yes she thought she wanted more of this handsome stranger that had dared enter her world. If only for a moment in time her desires too would after so long be met. Though she had not thought it to be here like this. He picked her up with ease into his arms again and placed her in the middle of the blanket. Then he sat and brought her down with him onto his lap. Back against the old tree for support he was not uncomfortable and she like a glove reclined right into his chest.

This gave him an opportunity to play with her breasts,caress them and was able to bring them to his mouth to suck on to pleasure.To take pleasure in. She did not draw away rather arched for him to take more. "You enjoy a ladies breasts? Like them?" "What is not to like? Yours are full beautiful and..." he did not finish instead his actions of going back to them were her answer. He parted her legs and began to play with her pussy a very warm wet pussy one that wanted some, no a lot of attention given to it. His fingers slid in and his thumb played with her clot. There was no mistaken the heat and desire that she wanted him in her and soon he would be.

"Lay down and let me take care of you, I want to make you feel as good as you made me." There was no hesitation she as though they had known each other for a long time slid from his lap and lay before him waiting,wanting, one leg straight the other over on the side. He lay beside her and sucked at her breasts kneading them with one hand and fingers seeking her bare pussy with the other, playing. Then slowly kissed his way to her hairless pussy, one hand never loosing contact with her skin. There were soft mummers as he first kissed the pale pink void.

He spread soft lip and with his head resting gently on her leg he first explored with his fingers enjoying the feel of her wetness. Then he went between her legs kneeling and drew her to him bending his head to meet the wet of sweetness. His fingers spread her tender pink lips and a thumb played with her clot as his hot skilled tongue inside and went to work. First he licked tiny circles around then probed deeper inside tongue and fingers working as one. Like this too he could reach her breasts and play with them as well. He stopped and with one hand pinched her clit between finger and thumb not too hard then released it doing it several times more. Her breathing was changing and soft moans were becoming more vocal. He fingered her faster and hes mouth sucked at her clot licking. He wanted to put his hard cock into her though that would wait a little longer. First and only when she had cum as he had would he again think of entering her with his cock.

She was going to cum soon she knew it. It was the sucking of his cock that really made her hot and now he was working over her pussy one that had not been touched in a very long time by a man. His pinching her clit and letting go had driven her wild his tongue and fingers worked as one. He was a man that knew how and what to do. He knew it too that she was ready and pulled her closer to his hungry mouth licking and sucking one hand playing now constantly with her breasts. Then there was a start of moans,"OOoohh, OOoohh yessss,Pleassseee oohhh God Sweet Jesus yesssss." Her hips rose to his face and the wetness flowed forth sweetly he fingered her all the faster. Her cumming was making him all the harder and he wanted to feel what it would be like having her cum around his cock. And he knew she would. Then her legs began to shake and he knew she was gumming again. "OOHHhh for the love of God don't stop. It feeelsssss sooooooo goooood babe ooooohhhhhh yaaaaa." Then there were just tiny trembles and he knew she had enjoyed herself a lot as had he.

"I want to taste my juices off you fingers and lips." It was said softly sensually yet with a hunger he had not heard for a long time. Sliding up to her he first kissed her sweet lips with his still with her juices on them and she took him deep. Then he ran his fingers over her lips and she sensually licked at each one. This made his cock grow all the more.

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6/4/2006 2:30 pm

WOW, thats gotta be your hottest blog to date, WOW, it got me all hottt

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I am glad your enjoying.

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