Foreat Lake...Catch and Kiss...  

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Foreat Lake...Catch and Kiss...

He walked over to waters edge and put a foot into the water. Christ it was cold,much colder then he thought it would be.
There was only one way to do this, just dive in and he did. Coming up and seeing the lovely lady just by the falls he started for her. Her timing was increadible, just as he was a few stroaks away she disapered into the falls. Cautious of what he knew to be a hard surface ahead he let his hand touch first the cold rock before looking to see if there was a spot to get out, there was. Just as he was bringing himself out of the water to the ledge the vixen dove long and deep into the water once again. This was not going to be an easy catch. He smiled to himself and knew she was at the advantage knowing the lake intamiataly. There were a number of tricks she could use to lour him then get away. Thougth the though came to him that she may have been in the water for a time now and was in fact tierd more then she knew.

Turning and diving in himself breaking surface he saw that she was floating on her back just 50 some odd feet away. My God she was good, relaxed and not even worried. As he swam closer she turned to her front and treaded water. Then just as he was only two body lengths away she was gone. Under the water she went swimming under him pulling her way along the bottom of this shallows only ten feet to his right. Looking around he saw her break surface close to the falls again. How long would this go on he wondered. "YOur slow." "Your a fish." Then she was back under the falls again. He swam in her direction that kiss would be his. He reached the falls and this time looked more deeply not them hoping to see her form before getting ready to touch her grab hold of an ankle perhaps. Bracing his feet on the rocks for a quick start.

Making a move as though to bring himself out of the water again it made her dive and he was ready to follow pushing off strong. Just a few feet behind and gaining. He wondered if she would play fair or kick away try to get away. With his next stroak he had his answer as skin touched skin and the next stroke had him grasping a slender anckle.

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