once in a life time experiences  

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11/7/2005 11:51 am

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once in a life time experiences

when i was in college i worked for a guy who threw parties for other people. moonwalks, casino nights, and other inflatable toys. for two years my friends and i cruised around three states on the weekends and threw a party for someone.
a frequent topic of discussion was sex (as typically is amongst college age kids). but more specifically, what sex would be like in one of those big, air filled, bouncy moonwalks.
it became tradition during those years to throw an annual party for ourselves in the summer. my boss would loan us anything he had that wasn't rented out for the night, moonwalks, over sized lawn party games and gyro's (not a good machine to have inebriated college kids in) became standard entertainment fare for these parties.
the final year we were all together we had one last bash before people started finding jobs and going their own ways. it was a raucous night with three dozen women and men drinking, playing music, bouncing, spinning and going off into dark corners to make out or screw.
as the party wound down there was only a handful of us left drinking, talking and playing guitar till the sun came up. the girl i had been dating at the time sed me into the moonwalk where we bounced into each other flirting and playing until we both lay down on the vinyl of the moonwalk and made out. i could feel the almost imperceptible vibration of the air moving beneath us. soon shirts came off and the cool vinyl felt good on my skin in the early July morning. i started moving my mouth down to her chest thinking "my friends are right outside. what if we get caught? would they be able to hear us over the roar of the blower?" i didn't care. i was excited and hard and ready to go. i lightly licked her nipples and sucked them gently as i undid her pants and slid my hands down them. she was already wet and was looking forward to satisfying her own curiosity about what had become an over sized sex balloon.
i pulled her pants off and crouched on my knees and played with her clit stroking it with my fingers and sucking it into my mouth. she pulled my cock out of my pants and grasped it in her hands and slowly stroked it.
she whispered to me. "lay down. i want to climb on top of you. i removed my pants and obeyed. she straddled me and lowered herself down my cock. she slowly rose up and down at first. she started moving faster the more excited she became. soon she was throwing herself down on my cock and letting the moonwalk bounce me forcefully back into her. the more frenzied our fucking became the more the moonwalk started to do the work for us. throwing me back inside her harder deeper and faster. she started moaning and came violently on me throwing herself onto me hard. the sound of her orgasm sent me over and i came in her. i could hear my friends outside. they knew what was going on but i didn't care. it was the best cum I'd ever had.

what's your most unique sexual experience? is there a fantasy you have that you want fulfilled? let us know what it is, we'd love to hear it.

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12/18/2006 7:45 pm

fuckin in the moonwalk! Nice

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