just another day  

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4/26/2006 9:27 am
just another day

I sit at home, by my self and think about my wonderful husband. He is so caring and loves to make me happy.
I have been designing some special outfits to wear just for him. I enjoy wearing things that he likes to see me in. I am not comfortable in some things. I don't feel that I look good in alot of the outfits that they carry in adult catalogs. I have sewn for many yrs now. So I have decided to try making some things just for him to see me in.
I like to watch him and see what he likes to see other ladies in. Plus I like to wear things that look good, and that you can actually sleep in. Most of the outfits that you buy, there is no way you can wear them for very long or even try to sleep in. I like to wake up next to him in that outfit and know that he wants me just as much the next morning as he did the night before.
Even after yrs of marriage it is more arrousing for me to know that he wants me just as much now as he did before the kids and the changes that happen after carring them. For most of us ladies we don't feel as attractive after the babies as we did before. Having never had that much confidence to start with, he has had to reassure me that he loves the way I look. So I continue to try and look my best and make him want me every day.
I am very thankful for my husband and love him more everyday.
We look forward to finding new friends and maybe fulfilling some of our fanties. We just enjoy each other and want to make each other feel special and know that we are very secure in our love. So that when the time comes to fulfill our fanties it will mean that much more to both of us and will be the fun that we are hoping that it will be.

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