why the hell am I here?  

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3/22/2005 11:47 am

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why the hell am I here?

Okay . . . I'm new to this whole 'blogging thing, but since this space is available, and it's way too big a pain in the ass to change my profile, this seemed like a good way to vent and explore how I feel about this whole process of seeking love/sex/intimacy on the 'net.

I started this process as my marriage was going to hell in a handbasket - I figured if my (soon to be ex-) wife wasn't interested in having a normal relationship with me, then certainly I could find someone else who was.

Since that time, I've found the whole process to be somewhat frustrating. I understand that the male to female ratio on a site like this is something along the lines of 50:1. That ratio, combined with the fact that the male of the species is much less bound by the concept of monogamy than the female, has left me rather disillusioned with the whole process.

In my time on this site, I have exchanged messages with several women, but none seem to be willing to make the final step to an actual face to face meeting. I suppose that there is an element of fantasy at work here - on everyone's part, my own included, but, if you aren't interested in actually meeting someone, why not just say you are only interested in e-mail? For my part I really don't have the expectation that I'm going to encounter a string of nymphomaniac 18 year-old wannabe porn starlets, but I would assume that if you are here, you're looking for sex. If you aren't, there are lots of dating sites available, so why play the game?

I certainly don't think that I am a major stud-muffin chick magnet, but small children don't run away screaming when they see me at the grocery store, either. My pictures are actually me, and my physical description stats are accurate - you really DON'T need to deduct 2 inches from my height!

What am I looking for? My profile pretty much spells it out - I'm open to anything from a one-time bout of pure animal passion, to an occasional "no-strings" thing, to, with the right person, a genuine long-term relationship. I'm unattached, employed, and relatively sane. I'm a musician, I'm well educated, and I'm told I'm actually pretty damned smart. So why is it so difficult to hook up with someone?

Anyway - I'll be back with more at some point in the future - I'm not totally down on things - I have actually gotten laid through a similar site, but that's another entry!

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