naughty saturday morning  

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7/18/2006 8:07 am
naughty saturday morning

Its a Saturday morning, I wake up alone. You are at work. I feel that familiar tingle in my pussy It wants some attention. Although I dont know why, you worked it over pretty well the night before. But I decide to take it out to the front room. I make sure all the blinds are drawn, and I pop a movie in the VCR.I lay down on the couch and start to watch as the women on the screen start to lick and suck on each other and any cock that comes in sight. My pussy really starts to tingle. I reach down between my legs and I start to rub my clit. I dip my finger in my hot hole and get it nice and wet and I spread my juice over my clit. I can feel it start to swell, with my other hand I rub my tits and squeeze my nipples. I watch the screen as this little chick starts taking this huge cock up her ass I dip my finger down to my ass hole and I start to rub it. I wish I had your cock in my ass. I get up and go into the bedroom and bring our toy box out to the front room. I pull out my favorite toy. I know that I told you I would never use them when you arent here, but. For some reason I need it. I rub Vaseline on my ass, and I slowly start to slide that long dildo up my ass. When I have it buried up to the base I start to stroke it in and out of my ass. Out of the corner of my eye I see that someone is on the patio watching me. I start to pull the dildo out of my ass, but then I recognize who it is on the patio. Its you I start to stroke my ass even harder. I turn around so that my ass is facing the sliding glass door and I am kneeling on the couch. I stroke that dildo in and out of my ass as hard as I can stoping now and then to rub my clitI hear the glass door slide open, but I dont stop I just keep on stroking my ass. I feel your hands on my hips as you come up behind me. I figure you are going to either take over stroking my ass with the dildo, stick your dick in my pussy or both but I am surprised as you start to slide your cock up my ass with the Dildo still inside. It hurts at first, but then it starts to feel goodI start talking to you, telling you how good your cock feels in my ass with the dildo I start begging you to fuck me harder. You tell me that I have been a very bad girl playing with the toys when you arent there.You pull your dick out of my ass and you pull me into the bedroom. You make me lie face down on the bed and you tie my hands and feet down. The dildo is still in my ass, but you pull it out. You replace it with the big one. It hurts but you dont stop, you are slamming it in my ass. Then you bury it deep, and you get up you untie me and have me roll over. I am not sure if I can My ass hurts so bad. But you make me. And you tie me back up. My legs are spread wide. You lay down on me. And start to play with my tits, sucking and biting on my nipples. If I arch my back or make any sign that I am enjoying what you are doing you stop. Your dick is harder then I have ever seen it. You tell me you have to pee.. I close my eyes and make a wishSoon you are standing over me. Your dick in your hands. You are going to pee to me I feel you start on my toes, then up my leg, your hot pee splashing in my pussy. Then you go up my stomach, and pee on my big tits. I figure you are going to stop there, but you dont, you pee all over me. My face, my hair, my pussy again My pussy hasnt stopped twitching since I started playing with it hours before.You untie me and tell me to roll over. Please, I beg, no more but you start to pound my ass again with that big dildo. Then you slide your cock into my pussy and start to pound them both I cant take it, I scream first in pain, but then it changes and I start to slam you back. I want it. Fuck me, fuck me hard baby.You pound my pussy and my ass oh Jerry it feels so good, fuck me.Then you tell me you wont let me cum until I return the favor.. and you get up and lay down beside me. I stand up on the bed and I straddle your cock. After just a couple of minutes I let go of a hot stream that splashes on your cock and tummy. You stroke your cock while my hot pee streams down your chest and over your balls. When I am done peeing I lower myself onto your hard cock and start to rock my hips. It only takes a minute before you have rolled us over and you are pounding my pussy with your big hard cock.Cum in my ass, I whisper. And you roll me over and remove the huge dildo from my ass and replace it with yours. My ass is tender, be nice, I whisper but then I remember I am being punished for playing with the toys when my master is away you slam your hard cock into my tender ass. Even though the dildo has stretched it, your dick feels bigger then ever as you pound my ass with it. Finally sweet release as I start to cum you pull your cock out of my ass and cum all over my ass hole. When you pull out of my ass my climax stops I start to whine.. you smack me on the ass hard. The sting rocks my world then you roll me back over and stick your fingers in my pussy I lift my legs and you start to stroke that spot. In just a matter of seconds my pussy is gushing all over us. When I finally finish cuming, you help me off the bed and we go into the shower. You wash my body for me that is aching with pleasure. As we stand in the shower, the hot water splashing over us, you once again slide your cock in my ass. This time you start filing it up with you hot pee. I love the way it feels when you fill my ass up with your hot pee. Erotic, and comforting all at once. You stand me back up, wrap your arms around me, and slowly start kissing me. Your tongue dancing with mine. You finish washing us both off, we get out of the shower and I dry off. I walk into the bedroom and you are pulling the blankets off the bed. What a mess! I start to clean it up.. but you stop me. You take me by the hand and walk me into the spare room and you lay me down on the bed. You kiss me again, your sweet lips against mine. You wrap me up in your arms, and put my head on your chest and we start to drift off I wiggle out of your arms and down your side. I put my head on your tummy and I take your limp cock and put it in my mouth. Softly I start to suckle on it. Not really sucking, but running my tongue over it. I softly moan I love you you say, I softly moan again and drift off to sleep your thumb has found its way to my ass, and your cock in my mouth, ah the making of sweet sweet dreams.klassk_69

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