No Furniture!  

rm_kkssk 39F
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4/16/2006 3:09 pm
No Furniture!

Back from my first trip. I didn't think they'd send me out untill I'd been here a year, but a mission team was going to Cleveland and Philadelphia. Both are solidly on our side, and they thought I could see the outside work with little chance of my screwing things up.

Dress was the hardest part. Couldn't show ANY tits, and I've hardly anthing that is business dressy AND no cleavage. Made do, but colors were wierd. It was OK. I'll probably never see those men again, and they maybe just thought I had no taste.

A couple of the elderly swishy men were creepy, but most of them had a healthy, friendly aura. Couldn't tell if I excited them, cause I hardly spoke and they had business with the others on our team.

Wonderful bartender at the last hotel. A real stud. Not circumcised, but to my liking in every other way. Totally discreet. Aaaaaaaah.

Now, to find some furniture.

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