Still Dreaming...  

rm_kiwitaz 47M
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4/23/2006 8:34 pm
Still Dreaming...

we finally meet,
our eyes are alive with excitment both wondering if it is going to happen,
we have a drink and mix small talk,
my leg rubs againsts yours under the table and it stays firmly against mine,
our eyes lock again,
yes, we smile at each other and realise this is it,
it is true and might happen,
you get another drink and slip in beside me rather than opposite me,
your body turns into mine, chatting, our legs touch again,
i can feel the energy from your stockings as my leg lightly runs up your calf,
your eyes are locked on mine, inviting,
my hand drops casually to your stocking thigh, somewhat hesitantly,
you smile at me, encouragingly and your legs part ever so slightly,
my hand caresses your thigh, enjoying the silkyness of your stockings and thighs,
you shift again slightly exposing the tops of your stockings and i catch a glimpse of your soft silky upper thigh,
I shift myself, feeling somewhat "confined" by the reaction you are stirring within,
again you smile and look me in the eyes while inviting me back to your place for another drink,
i quickly agree and you slip out from the both, standing in front of me as i ease across,
you reach bac down to pick up your bag and your hand brushs against the crutch region, i look up to see your intense eyes staring into mine, smiling and inviting,
i follow your car wondering about what is ahead, knowing what we have discussed via chat and wondering what you have planned,
you are after all, in charge...

I enter your house, you take my coat and direct me to the kitchen and instruct me to pour some wine, which you had left on ice,
as i'm pouring i feel your breath on my neck and your body moulds into my neck holding me close and nibbling my ears,
I turn around and see you have shed your dress and are attired in sexy black lingerie, corset bra, hi-cut silken lace panties with full garter and stockings....
i notice your nipples, puffy and erect pushing at your silken bra, my hand moves up to gentle caress them, feeling them lovingly in my hands, i lower my head and gentl kiss you between them before slowly kissing and licking my way down your stomach and thighs,
my tounge traces down through to your hot musty pussy which i kiss and flick my tounge over as i progress down your legs, feeling the silken wonder of your stockings as my hands caress down your thighs and calfs before slipping off your high heels.

You reach down and pull me up to your face and we kiss, our tounges exploring each others mouth, darting in and out, tasting and teasing, you take me by the hand and lead my down a hallway to your room, close your eyes you tell me as we are about to enter, "i have another surprise for you" you tell me, "one of our chat topics are going to happen" you say.

You lead me into your room and postion me before telling me to open my eyes, i look down and see your bed, candels going and insence drifting on the air, but it is your bed and whats on it that draws my eyes, yes you say, again watching me intensely, they are for you....

On the bed lies baby pink panties, silk and lace, matching pink stockings and suspender and a baby pink full length slip.... all for me....

You tell me to strip, and my hands can't comply quick enough, you slow me down and help as my excitement is slowling me down.

As my underpants fall to the floor my hard cock springs our, rock hard in anticapation of a fetish that started when i was a boy....

You instruct me to sit on the bed and you help slip on my stockings which you then fix to the suspender before asking me to step into my panties, the feeling as you pull the up until they are snug on me is intense and nearly enough to cause me to explode in them, none of that you tell me and look into my eyes again and tell me that you don't want me to mess up my new panties and lingerie....

I look into your eyes and quickly agree and promise not to mess them up, but warn you that i don't know how long i'll last.... you tell me that you'll take care of that and tell me to quickly finish dressing, i do so and you lower your head and enclose my cock with your warm loving mouth, as your milking my cock your hand starts rubbing my body through the slip and stockings, the enjoyment of the rubbing and also sucking my cock causes me to quickly cum, i warn you but you keep sucking while watching my face as i climax....

You lick your lips clean and raise your head to embrace and kiss me, your kiss is long, hard and salty... i feel your lingerie rubbing against mine and i suddenly feel my cock start to harden again, i pull you to me and we roll back on to the bed, our silken covered bodies rubbing against each other as we kiss and explore each other with our tounges and mouths,

I ease you onto your back and study your face, while your intense eyes look back, smiling and daring, i lean forward and kiss you long and hard before moving down your neck, nibbling at your ear lobes, kissing and licking down to your breasts, your corset bra has fallen down revealing your puffy erect nipples, waiting for me to suck and nibble on them... i kiss my way to them but stop, instead circling them with my tounge, getting nearer to them but never touching your nipples, always getting close but not quite.. your breathing quickens and you force your breasts out to my mouth and tell me to suck them, to bite and nibble on them... i slowly teasingly gring your nipple between my teeth and listen to your gasps of pleasure as i slowly stretch it between my teeth.

My hand has continued to roam over your panties and stockings, lightly stroking your pusy before moving down your stockings again... my hand makes another light circle over your now damp panties and i feel you thrust your hips forward, making the contact on your pussy heavier, i tease you by lightly tracing my fingers along your panty line, feeling wetness seeping through, you quickly close your legs trapping my hand and fingers between your legs, against your sopping pussy, you start grinding your legs causing my hand to rub against your pussy, pressing deeper...

You release my hand and tell me to eat your pussy, which i am more than happy to do, i ease my head lower, kissing across your breasts and down your stomack, licking and kissing as i go, i stop to explore your tummy button but you thrust my head down and tell me to hurry... I kiss down until i get to the top of your panties, i lightly run my hand across them feeling your wetness and the heat from your hot moist pussy, your smell is intoxicating and i start licking you through your panties, i quickly locate your clit and start licking at it while my fingers continue to rub you through your panties, your breathing faster and squirming against my face, i ease your panties aside and run mytounge along your slit, tasting your sweet taste, enjoying it, i slowly ease my tounge into your hot box and eagerly start lapping up your juices while my finger continues to flick against your clit, you start thrusting harder, forcing my face into your pussy, pushing my head so i can go deeper, i continue to lap at your pussy, wanting to get every drop of your juices, i quickly ease of your panties to get full access to your sweet pussy and you wrap your legs around my head, you start fucking my face and squirming, telling me you can feel yourself cumming, my fingers continue to work at your pussy and clit, while i finger starts working pussy juice into your ass, you star pushing in response and moaning, telling me to fuck you.... my tounge continues to work your pussy lapping away while i finger your ass and clit, sliding my finger deeper into your ass, flicking ur clit faster and faster... you suddenly arch your back forcing my finger deep into ur ass and grind my face hard into your pussy, i feel ur juices flow anew as they soak my face, i continue licking and rubbing as your climax eases and you stop quivering on my face...

I slowly lick the last of your juices from your pussy and move up to lie beside you, your piercing eyes look into mine, smiling again and we embrace and kiss, you licking your juices off my face and passionately kissing me again....

we lie in each others arms for a while, our silken garments mingled but still feeling good against each others bodies, you reach out to stroke my slip and find my cock rock hard again and turn your head to me with a smile and ask... are you ready to fuck me now....

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