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Hmmmmmm Kissing

If you're on a date with a woman and things are going well, when you lean in to kiss her, that may determine whether or not you'll be having sex with her that night. The right kiss can make a woman want you like never before. The wrong kiss can leave you holding your balls. It's up to you to perfect your skills.
Of course, every woman likes to be kissed differently, but there is something all women have in common: they like to feel as though whom ever's kissing them feels an intense passion for them.
Tips to ensure that your girl's lips feel your heat:
Use the setting
Although you won't always be able to find that perfect location, sometimes opportunities present themselves,
and if you learn when to take advantage of them, you may just imprint the moment into your girl's psyche forever.
The next time you're in the park in autumn, near the shore at sunset, or even stopped at a traffic light in the
car, grab your girl, hold her tight and give her a soft, moist kiss for a few seconds.
Not only will you be thought of as spontaneous, but the right setting will give her romantic notions a serious kick, and she will recount the moment to anyone who's willing to listen.
Make some hand maneuvers Although your lips do most of the work, where you place your hands is of utmost importance as well. A few things you can do with them while you're kissing her include:
.Caress her back slowly
.Hold her waist
.Cup her face with both hands
.Hold her chin with one hand
.Lightly pull the back roots of her hair
.Intertwine your fingers with hers Do something with your hands rather than just .focus all your attention on your mouths.
On to an energetic attitude and all the places you can place your lips...
Show that energy Although it's difficult to show energy in a kiss without making it seem like you're on the set of a soap opera, you can kiss her deeply and passionately, and make her feel like she's the only woman in the world who matters to you.
If the moment allows, you can let out a light moan while you're kissing her, or you can stop kissing her and look at her before you continue again. Or better yet, when you approach to kiss her, let your lips come close to hers without touching them for a second before you press your lips against hers.
Kiss different areas You're not restricted to her mouth; feel free to kiss other parts of her face like her earlobes, cheeks, eyebrows, or even just one lip at a time.
You can even make your way down to her neck, collarbone, shoulders, and her hands and wrists. What's more important than the kiss itself, however, is how it's presented.
Whether you stick your tongue out to lick her lips or you open your mouth and then close your lips on her skin, make sure that you show her that you desire her.
kissing technique Now I'm not going to lecture you on your technique, but when you go in for the smack, here are a few more kissing tips:
.Don't focus just on the lips or, worse, one of her lips; get inside her mouth and massage her tongue
.Don't bite her lips or her tongue, unless she's into that
.Don't suck her tongue or lips
.Keep your tongue soft and let her tongue lead yours at times
.Don't give her a soap opera kiss; i.e., not using your tongue and constantly swaying your head from side to side
.Make sure your lips are soft and your mouth is moist get wet
Until next time, kiss every woman with all you got.

SirMounts 103M

6/16/2006 8:37 am

Very good advice to share, and very well conveyed, too.
A warm welcome to blogging, kitkat. *smiling*
*giving her a gentle, lush, lingering... kiss*

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