Vegas Baby  

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7/25/2006 10:03 pm

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Vegas Baby

I am going to tell my vegas story.One night ib vegas me and a friend saw the greatest sign in the world."5 dollar lap dances" of course it was fake just to get you in there but hey it worked. In the club there was 3 dancers one of them was with her girlfriend so she wasn't dancing. And two more so they pretty much just sat next to me and my friend.

By the end of the night after buying drinks for us and the ladies we each were down to a 100 bucks. So we were about to say our goodnights and the ladies said that we had to get some dances we said ok. They each let us to our own rooms. In the rooms were beds well you are probaly thinking the same thing i was thinking and we both would be wrong. So after 2 fifty dollar lap dances that including tip we said good night.

Well this is were the story starts to get good the girls say they are getting off work and were wired and wanted to know if we wanted to go get drinks. We say sorry ladies but we are broke since we were leaving the next moring. They say "We asked you out so we are paying." I know this sounds like bullshit but I swear everything I'm telling you is true. So they take us to a thai karaoke and they are buying us drinks. When they get up to sing a song me and my boy either think we are the luckiest guys in the world or about to die we weren't sure.

So they come back and we just ask them what made us so special. they said it was because we didn't treat them like strippers. We talked to them like they were our friends when we got the dances we didn't grab them or say anything rude and they liked that because most guys they say treat them bad.

So the two girls are roommates they invite us back to there place and we decline because were are still scared. so we think the night is over so my boy just says "why don't you come back to our room. they say yes ok we each jumped in to our cars and drove back to the Bally. We go to our room on the 22nd floor they sit on one bed me and jason that is his name sit on the other. After telling us about the trials and tribulation of being a dancer they roll to of the biggest blunts I have ever seen. Well i don't know the biology major that they got this shit from but it was potent not stick or stems just green and furry. By time we finished the blunts the girls were already all over eachother.

Now the next question that was asked made me fall in love with jason he said "can we tape you two messin around?" they said yes by the time speilberg had his camcorder out the girls were butt booty naked. Normally jason is the most laid back guy in the world well he was barking out orders to me a moving lamps to help with the lightning that I should have gotten a sag card.

After what seemed a eternity the girls pulled their heads from between eachother legs and uttered the eigth greatest words ever"Are you going to join us or what" down went the camera and so did our clothes by time we had gotten naked the girls thank god had already chosen which one they each wanted. When the sun came up we knew it was time for reality to set back in we all did the fake yeah call me thing but it was a wonderful night. And i owe it all to the fact that no matter what treat every women like a lady. I know a lot of people are going to say i'm not telling the truth but all I can say is I have the tape to prove it.

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