I retract my earlier blog  

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4/12/2006 11:29 am

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I retract my earlier blog

Not that anyone commented, but for those of you that were interested in our earlier blog- WE WERE WRONG!

I think it was all us. We made a conscious effort to do everything we could to try to make this work-and it did! I'm sorry we were such impatient idiots...forgive us if you could! LOL

We met someone and had a wonderful time! It was just great! I got to do everything I have been fantasizing about. It has been way too long since I had been with another woman and I needed it bad...more than my hubby, I think! We all had a great time.

Kev was a bit disappointed that he didn't have the two of us go down on him, but it was only because we were too busy doing other things. Hopefully next time we can fit that into the schedule.

My favorite part was when she was eating me out and he was fucking her...my GOD! Every time he thrusted, she would moan and a blast of hot air hit my clit, her tongue would lick me harder and that made me want to scream! I came so hard...about 4-5 times all told. Kev said that was his favorite as well, because he got to watch her with me from a completely different angle and make my tits jiggle each time. I'm sure he liked being inside her while that was going on, sounds like a good selling feature to me...

So all in all, if I had to wait another four years, it would be worth it. I don't think we are going to have to wait that long, but knowing that fun like that is at the end of our wait makes it all the better.

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4/12/2006 12:08 pm



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