New Ride!  

rm_kellijo1169 48F
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1/12/2006 9:45 am

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5/18/2006 4:22 am

New Ride!

One of the big changes I decided to make this year was a new ride... Yup - got me a new car! Well, it's a used car, but it's new to me! And talk about RUDE people! I got the car on Friday night, went to the supermarket on Saturday morning - around 7 am - and some jerk let their cart roll right into it!!!!! How rude is that? Come on people! I work hard for the things I have gotten and I'm sure other people have as well. Is it so freakin' hard to make sure the cart is in it's corral, or at least, not rolling?

Anyway - I was looking for something with some power, still sporty, with a back seat. And viola! There ya go! Thanks to a suggestion from a very good friend.....

I believe this to be true, but I'd like to have other's opinions.... I know that when your feeling good, it shows in the way you carry yourself and all that other stuff. Do people tend to give you a second look because of the car you get out of? Are people really that superficial?

I didn't get the car for anyone else but me. I love driving it and can't wait to get it out on the highway for a longer trip than just the supermarket or the office... Hmmmm.. Just might have to take one of those!

exstacy4u2 53M/F
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1/16/2006 7:54 am

Hello, Jeff here. You chould, and i see you are, proud of your accomplishment of your new ride. If it pleases you, it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks, or likes. If they dont like it have them buy you what they like. Then they will have a say in The cart business, i hate it, run into it often and when it happens. I'd like nothing better than to "key their are rude, disrespectful people. Give me a shout sometime, i would enjoy chatting with you......Jeffrey AdultFriendFinder

TallAndLean1969 48M

1/27/2006 4:48 am

I never understood other people's reaction to a person's car. It seems like the reaction usually falls into one of these categories:
a) Other people are superficial and are impressed when they see you have a nice car.
b) Other people think you are superficial because you own a nice car.

I guess it never occurs to them that you bought the car because it impresses you!

By the way, the pic is kinda small. Is that a Mazda RX-8?

rm_kellijo1169 48F
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1/27/2006 9:12 am


I can understand why people look - what I don't understand is why they would approach you (unless it's about the car) after they see it. That just doesn't make any sense! I bought it for the sheer enjoyment of driving it! Hell, when I climb into it (and I'm not tall my any stretch of the imagination), It feels like I'm climbing into a cock pit. It's fast as hell, handles corners on a dime and I love it! The more I drive it, the more fun I have!

It is a RX-8 and it is amazing!

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