Haulin' ass up I4  

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5/14/2006 12:21 pm
Haulin' ass up I4

Got the shit scared out of me the other day....

A friend and I went on a charity ride with a local radio personality to Daytona Harley. Police escorted, even though they didn't stop all the traffic, up I4 and on I95.

Now, I don't consider myself really wimpy when it comes to being on the back of a bike. I really enjoy it most of the time. I try to be a good passenger and lean when I'm supposed to and not get a death grip when I get nervous... But, being on the back of a sport bike, without the bitch bar, going up I4 at 80 mph, hangin' on for dear life while being beat up by the wind and trying not to squeeze the driver to tears, really took it's toll! I was so relieved when we finally got there and I could let the blood flow back to my fingers! Even tho.. Seeing the two lines of bikes, as far as the eye could see was really cool.

Once there we ate some much needed food, wandered around the store, sat in the shade and had some ice cream and listened to some music from a local band that was playing. On the way home, we took the more scenic route and NOT on I4! lol! It took a little longer to get home, but for me as the passenger, much more enjoyable. It was hard on the driver. We ride together a lot and have been on the bike together for longer periods of time, but not at such speeds or that long a distance without at least stopping at traffic lights. It must take a lot of energy to hold up my fat ass!

After I got home, took a shower and sat like a stone for a little while then we mustered up enough energy to go get some food. As we were waiting for our table, we talked and laughed so hard about how tired we both really were that it brought me to tears... Dinner was ok, they had printer problems so the waitress had to come over and take our order again. It was obvious she was new to this, but she was sweet just the same. Chatty young thing... I can tell you it was her first night waitressing, she had a little baby at home, her family was in from Columbia and they were leaving today. lol! Anyway, by the time dinner was over and the free dessert (because of the printer problems), we were so exhausted, It would have been easier to just push the plate back and forth and stick our heads in it to eat. The spoon became so heavy, I just couldn't do it anymore! As was said "we should have gotten it to go. That would have been funny".

Came home and crashed with a loud THUD! But wouldn't change it for a million dollars ...

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