Take me to dinner!  

rm_kelli4u2dew 42F
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5/1/2006 9:44 pm

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5/23/2006 5:12 am

Take me to dinner!

For the last week I've been sick, and dealing with the emotions of my posts last week and the comments I've received, and also the posts that others have made about their experiences.

So, I need something to pick me up!

Gentlemen! If you were going to take me out for drinks and dinner, where would we go? What would be on the menu? What would we do afterwards? (Besides fulfill your pervy fantasies)

Alternatively, ladies, if you and I were going to go out and paint the town, what would be your preferences for dinner, drinks, fun afterward?

Paint me a picture. What would we eat, what would we drink, what kind of place would YOU like to go?

reverend21 51M
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5/1/2006 10:09 pm

I would prepare you dinner myself, have to learn a little more about you to prefer your favorites, a nice bottle of wine. Start with a massage, shoulder or foot? Soft music, to relax you as your massage is completed. A nice hot bath with ointments to relax you and finish easing the tension from your body. The rest, tuck you in to for a good nights sleep. Pervy, not while you are sick and not feeling well, nothing but your care comes first, now when you are feeling better, that is a different story all together.

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 6:39 am:
Well, assume that I will get better ...

waerlookin4fun 51M/47F

5/1/2006 10:56 pm

This is the lady responding......Ok, it would have to be fun to pick your spirit up.......A bunch of us women going roller coaster riding at a park, a little cotton candy, some jokes and lots of laughter and then go home and all of us cook dinner together...then a bit of wine and talking, maybe a good movie and then going home to snuggle in bed where it's warm.

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 6:40 am:
I love amusement parks!

Nightguy_1961 56M
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5/1/2006 10:57 pm


This is a tough one to try and answer, for without knowing what you like/dislike, I'd fear I'd really screw up....and I detest making mistakes...

reverend21 seems to have the winning hand here...I can't do much better than that

NG61...folds his hand and fades back into the shadows...

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 6:26 am:
Oh, come on, you don't know what a woman likes for a first date, but you still take them someplace ...

SirluvsStorms 47M
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5/1/2006 11:17 pm

I’m going to take Blondie out to Poipu beach, over looking a wonderful sunset. Some sashimi and that French bottle of Vuvre I still have. It will be good. I remember having dinner over looking the bay in Puerto Vallarta on the beach! We had salmon and deep fried calamari, just as the sun set with a great Latin guitar player with his words of amour. Oh and dinner on that secluded beach setting with the candles! GOD there are wonderful memories in my mind, Lets see here must remember to write one up and put it in my blog

I remember the salt air still fresh, I sat still, breathing deeply the warm salty air as the boat took off from the dock, its gentle rocking caressing the waves as we headed to the cove they had described as secluded and romantic. Her warmth, she nestled her back into me on the bench on the port side of the boat, she was a vision of wonder, her sun dress with that open back that begged to be touched, the hem of which skirted up so easily as she sat nestled into me. I had a margarita in my left hand and the firmness of her leg in my right, the fingers of which kept tracing the hem, half on her sun dress hem half on her naked skin. The warmth spreading deep inside me as the margarita took its effect enclosing me in its powerful tequila euphoria. I wanted to slip my fingers up those curvaceous legs to the wet ness I knew was waiting.

Dinner I knew was going to be great. The menu, slow roasted duck with tender greens and asparagus, or the manly stake cooked to order with a bake potato with all the fixings, or the lemon grilled salmon on a bed of richly done rice with that wonderful marinara sauce to dip the calamari in, with a roughly mashed potato with chives and butter, fajitas, grilled carne, margaritas till the early morning.

I remember holding you in that sun dress, you sitting on my lap facing me, the sun setting to your left, your lovely tanned legs wrapped around me, pressing your wet ness up against me, my lips glued to your neck allowing me to get lost in your scent, I do not know what it was but you were intoxicating. It was delectable, you were so edible but I held you their as the sun set and I felt you shudder as I came inside you not in a rush of heat but in the melting of me and you together as the sun set.

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 6:31 am:
Any ladies here from northern California? This guy's definitely worth a date! THIS is what I was hoping to hear! How wonderful! {=}

SlowPlayin 52M

5/1/2006 11:44 pm

Hmmm ... maybe The Palace Arms? (I know they serve B&Bs)... they have tableclothes there so no one could see what's going on under the table ... then maybe to Bovine Metropolis then to a dance club to find out if Kelli can dance ... can she?

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 6:32 am:
I've been known to shake my booty a little bit ...

rm_smosmof2 68M
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5/2/2006 1:56 am

I'd love to be able to give you an honest answer to this, but can't for two reasons:

2) Can't afford anything appropriately nice and worthy of you. and I'm afraid that all of my tastes are pretty cheap. The suggestion of margaritas sits well with me though, it's the only form of alcohol I consume.

1) I ended up here after being referred here from Frogger. Just read last weeks posts. Can't think of nice things to do yet, til the pain subsides. Too much anger at the way you were treated. Too much shame that someone would treat anyone like that. Too much guilt that I should want anything from you at all.

Maybe you could do dinner with me at Red Robin. They have a menu item there formerly called Buffalo Shrimp and now called Cajun Shrimp. Fried Shrimp, pleasantly spicy (not strong enough to rightly be called "Cajun"). Haven't had any for six months, need a fix and pleasant company to make the night worthwhile...

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 6:35 am:
A mistake a lot of men make is thinking that expensive equates to romantic. The company is the most important component of a date. The right people can light up a Starbucks.

rm_LoyalCumpany 47M
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5/2/2006 3:16 am

Dinner, walk wherever our feet take us and talk. That's right. I said it. Talk. That's it. Some of the best nights I've ever had have been just that.

Gotta go, before the perv/smartass slaps the nice guy in me back down.

I am JoJo the Circus Boy!

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 6:36 am:
Sounds good to me!

Cowboy_Deluxe 39M

5/2/2006 4:44 am

I ain't tellin' ya my secrets now.

I would take you to a place you have never been
You would experience feelings you have never had before
I would expose your beauty in a way that you couldn't imagine
Most important I would make sure I didn't end the night feeling stupid.

Yep thats right cause I sure would feel stupid if I didn't give you a

Ohh and I got that cheescake too.

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 6:39 am:
Oh, come on, don't be shy.

EroticaXTC 51F

5/2/2006 5:41 am

LOL, my life is completely boring now...
but years ago my best friend and I used to go out "Dressed to Kill" and we'd start the evening off in an upscale restaurant, where we always found amusement from the looks on the other patron's faces as we ate...and the attention from the waiters was priceless,lol...
We would hit one or two smaller bars with pretty much the same reactions...always fun, "Standing Out" and being "different" was always the order of the evening....we'd top the night off at one of our favorite clubs, dancing,mingling,etc....and many times we would find ourselves attending more private settings afterwards, ahem...

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 6:38 am:
If I'm ever in town, let's do it!

sillyperv 56M

5/2/2006 6:32 am

Well I can cook and I love fine food, but I don't think you need that kind of evening. I'd say it's a smoke a joint, get sausages from a street vendor, find the dumbest movie in the theatre and laugh our ass off, eat more comfort junk food (for me ice cream, you --?). Kiss you all over and give you a massage until those knots in your shoulders and back release and we fall asleep in a happy spoon, kind of date.

Then we fuck like bunnies in the morning.

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 9:24 am:
Can I have a beer instead of the joint? Don't mind if you do, but I'd rather not, ok?

EverReady343 48M

5/2/2006 9:13 am

Kelli, I would take you out to Hungry Jacks.( Burger King ) I'm only joking!

I think it would be nice to have dinner in a cafe style restaurant on the beach front. Outdoors on the balcony with views of the beach at sunset. Its a really nice evening during daylight savings when the atmosphere is lively. There would be a band playing in the distance, bladders on the board walk and people walking along the beach. Very relaxed and laid back, making it very easy to get to know each other. The menu has a delicious variety to cater for everyone. After dinner we could buy an ice ream and go for a stroll down the beach. Later we go to the movies to see one of those light hearted romantic comedies. Where home now and we sit back and relax while listening to some music. Sipping Champagne or alcohol of your choice and feeding each other with strawberries or chocolate.
We end up making passionate love for most of the night which was truly amazing ( Out of this world ). I wake up early allowing you to sleep in and make you a scrumptious breakfast.

If only my dreams could come true!

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 7:01 pm:
How come I always end up in bed?

VenusDiaries 63M
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5/2/2006 11:03 am

If we were in NYC I would like to return to a quaint place I ate at a couple of weeks ago. Late afternoon, sun sinking over the west side down in Chelsea. The food shot on my recent post is from Don Giovanni's Ristorante on 10th ave. arond 26th. Spinach Brushetta and Carbonarra with red wine are what I'll have. What's your favorite Italian? Nothing like NYC Italian with the exception of Italian in Italy. After dinner we would walk through Chelsea, drop in on a few galleries to see what kind of things are happening in the contemporary artworld. Drinks afterward and then who knows where the night might lead.

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 7:03 pm:
Lasagna or manicotti. May I have a sweet caneloni for dessert? Sounds nice.

phangasm2003 107M

5/2/2006 1:41 pm

One of my favorite places around Denver is Mount Falcon, above Morrison. I used to bike out there, but there's a road leading to the top too, if you don't feel like climbing 1400 feet. Great place for a picnic and a bottle of wine

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 7:04 pm:
Did I mention that I have an awesome mountain bike? I was waiting for someone to mention a picnic.

rm_LoyalCumpany 47M
3204 posts
5/2/2006 3:10 pm

Dinner, walk wherever our feet take us and talk. That's right. I said it. Talk. That's it. Some of the best nights I've ever had have been just that.

Gotta go, before the perv/smartass slaps the nice guy in me back down.

kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 6:36 am:
Sounds good to me!

Which part, the dinner or the perv/smartass slapping me?

I am JoJo the Circus Boy!

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 7:17 pm:
The talking ...

DLiscious2 49M/43F

5/2/2006 3:16 pm

May we answer together? We would take you to dinner at one of our favorite New York City restaurants, perhaps Lisca on the Upper West Side, then downtown to Zinc Bar, a cellar club that features Brazilian jazz. In the dark back room we would listen to sambas, sip mojitos, talk, flirt, touch and kiss in one of the recessed alcoves.

We'd then taxi back uptown to walk in Central Park at night and see the city skyline above the trees. Holding hands, we'd walk back to our place, light candles, open wine, play chill music low, slowly undress you on our red-red couch and ravish you with fingertips, tongues and more.

Please accept our invitation!

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 7:18 pm:
Damn! I'm back in bed again!

reverend21 51M
1913 posts
5/2/2006 4:45 pm

Well then, if i am to assume that you are better, I know the perfect place, a lodge over looking the Blue Ride Moutains, the food is excellent and they have a wide variety of choices on the menu. After dinner we would journey to Mt Mitchel, the highest point on the Eastern Seaboard, to watch the moon rise. Traveling down the mountain there are several palces to dance, the meal would be settled and it would be so nice to hold you in my arms and look into your eyes while we danced. Once the club had closed it would be off to this special little secluded place on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a nice chilled bottle of muscadine wine, to enjoy the sunrise. Two and half miles later, my home, nad what happens there is entirely up to you milady, what ever you desire, I'll rush to plese you in every way possible.

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 7:19 pm:
That sounds nice.

blueguy1051 61M

5/2/2006 6:23 pm

Seafood or steak or something ethnic?

A table for two in the bar of a nice restaurant, in the corner, out of the traffic and away from the noise. A nice ale to relax and peruse the menu. Nice music in the background, maybe a piano player. Preferably a view of the bay.

Appetizer: either a shrimp cocktail or artichoke, something to share.

Entre: lobster, steak, or maybe a cioppino or boullibase.

Dessert: tiramisu, key lime pie, custard tart, or one of those chocolate thingies.

Wine with dinner: Either a Chardonnay or Merlot.

After dinner: Irish Mist and coffee.

Talk for hours. Laugh about our pasts, innuendo about our futures.

Did I tell you that you're particularly beautiful tonight?

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 7:23 pm:
Bastard! Pimp! Player! Despoiler of little girls!

Saturday night?

milfseeker27b 37M

5/2/2006 6:35 pm

Well Kelli, I guess I am a little different than many of the men on here. If I were going to take you out - I would take you to a concert, not sure which band - finding the right show is more of an art than a science. Music has been the one area of my life that makes things alright. Times when I'm down, happy, there's always music. We would go in club wear, and yes - we would get backstage - I have a knack for hanging out with bands

Age is a state of mind
Stay young sweetie

ps - you have beautiful eyes (very deep pic on the profile)

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 7:21 pm:
You know that my preferred tastes in music tend toward people my parents' age ...??? Can you really get me backstage with Gordon Lightfoot?

reverend21 51M
1913 posts
5/2/2006 7:58 pm

quoting kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 7:19 pm:
That sounds nice.

Well, then all that is left for you to accept

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 9:45 pm:
Rev, you're almost 2000 miles away!

milfseeker27b 37M

5/2/2006 8:55 pm

I was backstage with jefferson starship and BOC, not to mention on the Styx tourbus (I dont tell many people that one - haha)

sickofthegames 42M
33 posts
5/2/2006 9:06 pm

The hell with cooking or a fancy restaurant I would take you back to my homeland and go for a hike up some ancient places before the were ruined by the coming of the old world settlers. At 11000 feet in elevation you may need to bring along an oxygent tank but what the heck, if that's not up to your liking we can cruise down to 8000 feet and spend the day in a summer retreat amongst the clouds. Chu don't need no fancy food, we'd go to the open market where there are local woman cooking with lard and the occasional bug makes it into the food but so what everything tastes delicious! If you're into strange yet savory food to please your taste buds you will find yourself in luck.... how about a heart shish-kabob? Yummy. Wine, HA! Not here homebrew the likes of a heavier mead is what is in order. Ahh yes how can I forget an herbal tea from coke to help ward off the effects of hypoxia and fatigue. Indeed this would be great.... inspiste of what may be running through your mind.

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/2/2006 9:50 pm:
Where is your homeland? 11,000 feet won't bother me too much. I'm still trying to regain my lungs, but I grew up at 8,000. I like heart. Makes a good breakfast, fried in butter with the eggs. As to the bugs ... as long as they don't bite. You're going to have to try a little harder to gross me out. Ever eaten menudo?

sassybelle21 34F  
13313 posts
5/3/2006 3:33 am

Actually I just want to cuddle with you. You know how I have been feeling Kelli.

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/3/2006 6:11 am:
We'll just stay in and have finger food, ok? {=}

sickofthegames 42M
33 posts
5/3/2006 7:59 am

I wasnt't trying to gross you out. Have I ever eaten menudo? yes but I'm not a big fan of tripe on the other hand I do like chitlins so go figure that one. Have you ever eaten roasted guinea pig cooked? I have back home of course it would be uncivilized to so here plus it's not free range so it can't be the same but I don't want to take the chance. Any way if heart nor guinea pig are not your style and you still don't mind the occasional bug we can definately have potatoe with over three thousand variety of the spud you can't go wrong. Home is Cuzco

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/3/2006 9:45 am:
Always wanted to visit there. A close friend spent the summer after high school in Cuzco at the university.

panthersdreamer 48M
295 posts
5/4/2006 4:10 am

i would take you back jackson hole, wyoming. we'd grab some horses and ride to a place i used to go, a good size water fall in this canyon. have a candlelight dinner under the open sky and moonlight. we have this waterfall to enjoy after dinner as well. well play adam an eve in the middle of nowhere sweetheart.


p.s. i thought i would give this a try.

RevJoseyWales 70M/67F
14393 posts
5/4/2006 1:47 pm

Gee kelli, I'ma afraid you'd be bored here. As far as dinner, we'd take you right next door to a great crab house. Hard to say where we'd go next. I don't drink, and have been thrown out of most of the bars close enouhg to drive to. (Not realy, but sounded funny) I'd LOVE to have you meet my friends, but most of them are probably considered socially unacceptable. Good people, but just a bit rowdy. Ok, a lot rowdy. But we could sit on my deck, listen to sounds, and get tipsy, stoned or both. Laugh a lot. I'd like to wind up on the beach down at Assateague Island. We have 16 miles of uninhabited beach there, accessable only by 4x4 or on foot. Of course I have the over sand permit. It's beautiful, quiet, and we even have wild horses that come down to the beach at night. Yeah, I know it isn't sexy, but it's relaxing, and it's our kind of evening. Joe

"McVeigh had the right idea, wrong address."

"This ain't Dodge City, and you ain't Bill Hickok."

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/4/2006 10:48 pm:
Sounds wonderful! You'll have to teach me to eat those blue crabs, ok? Do I get my own hammer? Can we sit on the beach and watch the moon rise out of the sea? And watch the horses?

RevJoseyWales 70M/67F
14393 posts
5/6/2006 8:14 am

    Quoting RevJoseyWales:
    Gee kelli, I'ma afraid you'd be bored here. As far as dinner, we'd take you right next door to a great crab house. Hard to say where we'd go next. I don't drink, and have been thrown out of most of the bars close enouhg to drive to. (Not realy, but sounded funny) I'd LOVE to have you meet my friends, but most of them are probably considered socially unacceptable. Good people, but just a bit rowdy. Ok, a lot rowdy. But we could sit on my deck, listen to sounds, and get tipsy, stoned or both. Laugh a lot. I'd like to wind up on the beach down at Assateague Island. We have 16 miles of uninhabited beach there, accessable only by 4x4 or on foot. Of course I have the over sand permit. It's beautiful, quiet, and we even have wild horses that come down to the beach at night. Yeah, I know it isn't sexy, but it's relaxing, and it's our kind of evening. Joe
Carol's the expert crab picker, but you'd like the place. All you can eat crabs, shrimp, chicken, corn on the cob, hushpuppies, clam strip, king crab legs. Beer by the pitcher, brown paper on the table. Not fancy, but real relaxing. Assateague with a full moon is absolutely gorgeous. We can build a small bonfire, watch the moon rise oiver the ocean, and look at the herds of horses walking the beach. The surf fishing there is excellent. Although it isn't legal to get naked there, Ranger Ric isn't real hard on enforcing it, especially at night, as long as you don't bother anyone. Like I said, not as sexy as most of the offers you'll get, but it's our kinda thing. Joe VIVA BLF!

"McVeigh had the right idea, wrong address."

"This ain't Dodge City, and you ain't Bill Hickok."

ItsMePR 37M
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5/7/2006 7:42 pm

Alot of creativity here! But me I would probably be a little more simple I like that you have a bike we can take our bikes in my truck go bike riding in the park. Then have a picnic at the light show in the park. Lets go see a movie you pick and then dinner at Carro De Boi my favorite brazilian restauraunt. Money and sex bad first conversations topic. Latin Daincing after dinner then drop you off walk you to the door and maybe a kiss goodnight. Call yoy on the way home and talk again soon. Bye the way your very attractive make sure what you do suits you. Its all about you no need to reply Just thought your comments needed something a little less crazy and a little more sweet. Your Truly ItsMePr PS if it rains indoor minature golf.

ItsMePR 37M
2 posts
5/7/2006 8:01 pm

If you ever come to Atlanta let me know!

rm_xtremej4266 40M

5/7/2006 11:29 pm

The day would start early by sending a masseuse over to your house for a nice long relaxing massage. I would have them take care of you from head to toe using hot rocks and sensual oils. I always love a good massage when I don't feel well. After your massage they would give you a box with a nice dress that flows across your exquisite body like water. Inside would be a note...Please wear this dress, and only this dress, for an evening of adventure and passion...Once you finish dressing you would step outside to a chauffeur driver car including wine, chocolates and strawberries. The driver would take you to the airport where you would meet me at a private plane. As we board you give me the slightest smile and glide up the stairs casually flashing your oh so perfect bottom. We fly to Las Vegas and enjoy an amazing dinner on the plane where no one is around except you and me, time where we can talk and enjoy the subtle flirting that is being exchanged. After dinner,and about the time we land, we head to the strip. We spend countless hours hopping from place to place enjoying whatever fun comes our way. At the end of the evening we would sit in front of the Bellagio and enjoy the last water show of the night. We could then venture to a club and dance the night away or off to our room for a cozy, romantic bath...which ever you choose.

If that doesn't get you feeling better or at least take you mind off it, I don't know what will...

Thanks everyone here for the great comments and insightful opinions!

rm_gentlewolves 42M/45F

5/10/2006 8:09 pm

a little late, sorry - we are new to this. we would like to take you out together (even though that was not 1 of your options). Hopefully, we would be able to start long before dinner. We would pick you up at about 8:00 am agreed to eat breakfast before than - something light with protien and carbs for an eventful day. Take the lifted durango up the mountain for a little off roading. Find a safe place to park,We would then take turns applying either sun screen or insect repellant on each other (hopefully, I get both f legs, those are my favorite parts), and take our mountain bikes for a semi-difficult ride. Just enough to make you sweat and work for it, but no need to get injured....at least not yet. Upon returning to the truck, we would pull out a pre-maid picnic (by yours truly) everything would be both edible and "wearable". We would have to have fruit salad and pudding, flavors would depend on your personal tastes. Also included would be a few wine coolers, which would be sipped from both ladies belly buttons. providing that we were all comfortable with each other and the environment, things would progress into a slow....passionate...and time consuming oral caress. After covering every inch of both of your bodies with my wanting lips, leaving you completely hot and bothered.....for later, we would go back into town. We would stop by the house for a quick clean up, and a change of clothes. If you are up to it, we would love to wash your hair for you, and then help you dry off and get dressed. Don't worry, we have a dress for you in the closet. It's brand new, black satin, low-cut, with a very high slit. The neck line is elegant with excess material almost forming ruffles but not quite. The back is cut to just above the small of your back. Don't worry, it is not going to fall off...at least not yet. Of course, you wouldn't be wearing any undergarments, they are not allowed. Then, while on the roof of one of the tallest buildings in town, we would enjoy a fully catered dinner - thai cuisine with multiple entrees as well as side dishes. wWe would have a light peach flavored wine to gowith it. We would have a wonderfuly comfortable discussion about anything and nothing. From there, it's only a few miles to the vacant cabin waiting for our arrival. As you walk into the room, you see that the front room has been pre-arranged with candles and a fire in the fire place. while the two of you get your shoes off and prepare to be pampered,I step into the other room momentarily. Upon my return, the two of you are sitting on the couch, side by side, discussing the evening while sit between you on the floor facing the couch. I would then proceed to massage both of your feet and slowly make my way up the back of your calves, and up into your thighs. I would then motion the both of you to the bedroom. To this point, I still have not said a word. First, I would undress my wife, then together, we would undress you....if you want to hear the rest, i guess that you will just have to reply. I can say this though, don't judge every experience by your last fmf encounter. This would be one evening you would never forget...gauranteed.

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/10/2006 9:32 pm:
Out of curiosity, what size is the dress?

alphuctup 41M

5/11/2006 6:40 am

It may sound a little cheesy, but I love the idea taking a beautiful woman to the opera, I've never been but it's something that has been sat in the back of my mind for quite a while now.

We could grab a snack after and then dance the night away in seedy little nightclub! lol

rm_kelli4u2dew 42F
5220 posts
5/11/2006 8:28 am

I hate listening to opera music, but I love attending the opera. It is so awesome in person!

rm_gentlewolves 42M/45F

5/11/2006 10:18 am

Bummer - We were hoping to peak your interest on more than just the dress size - We wouldn't know until after meeting you. Since we don't beleive in one night stands, the forementioned date would probably not be our first. we would have hopefully gone out a few times prior for dinner, movies, drinks, various sporting events, or what have you. We would want to make sure that you (as well as ourselves) were completely comfortable before that particuler step. However, It would both fit and accent you very well. - A&D

rm_gentlewolves 42M/45F

5/11/2006 10:43 am

oohh, btw, hopefully, it would be your fantasies on the schedule, not mine. We would just want you to thouroughly enjoy the evening.

macg76 60G
8 posts
5/17/2006 9:48 pm

As this is a wee bit of a fantasy working now...
Take a flight to northern Michigan, land in TC. Pick up the car and drive to The Rowe Inn. A cozy and inviting little French country inn. Perhaps ten tables at the most.
Appetizer: Chilled strawberry soup
Salad: Mixed greens with vinaigrette (herb or warm)
Entree:Grilled Halibut, Whitefish or Duck
A bottle of red, or a bottle of white
Desert: You should really try the white chocolate
Drive over to the coast and watch the sunset over Lake Michigan. Reminisce about the future, squish sand between our toes, laugh. Alot. Marvel how it's just getting dark at 10.30. Drive up to Harbor Springs for the night, stop and watch the northern lights before we get there...

rm_kelli4u2dew replies on 5/17/2006 10:43 pm:
Sounds pretty good ... You should try White Nights in St. Petersburg, where sunset is 2 am ...

rm_ryder164 53M
2 posts
5/22/2006 6:38 pm

Hey Kelli, What's up? Dinner or lunch? Either fine with me. I am thinking we pack some fried chicken, side dishes and beverages in the saddle bags on my bike take a nice ride in the country and find our own spot to stop. A place where we can return to relive the first time we made love. Oh yeah left out we make love after our picknic. You enjoyed yourself very much. I am to please. Whatever it takes. Somehow stumbled on to your blog. Wher are you from anyway. Maybe you will let me know. Later Marty

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