Just how freakin' long....  

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9/12/2006 3:42 pm

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Just how freakin' long....

...does it take to get a photo approved around here?

I took some yesterday that I like, uploaded them and I am still waiting! 24 hours? It's not like this place doesn't make enough money to employ enough staff to check 'em out and give them the okay.

Oh well.........at least I got some shots that are okay. A new pic or two on my profile might spice things up! I'm all for that....

I have to work two more nights, and then I am on vacation! Nothing definite planned at this point, have some things to catch up on around here, have a possible date Friday night. I'm thinking I might go out of town for a night or two. I've been looking at the map, no idea where I want to go......maybe I will just jump in the the truck and go.

I don't know if I have ever mentioned my cat here....okay not much else to talk about....she's 18 years old and I have had her since I was 18. I adopted her at a shelter I used to volunteer at. Pure black with a small sopt of white on her chest, very 'oriental' in shape. She must have some Burmese or Siamese blood ... Her name is Cairah, and she has always been a great cat to live with. Friendly, sweet, loving, well-behaved.....the kind of cat that people who don't like cats like, if you know what I mean.

Living with a cat of her age has been interesting. I would say she is senile now. Her fur is almost salt and pepper now, and she can't quite keep up on grooming herself, so I have to brush her more frequently than I used to. I am trying to ready myself for when she passes, but it will be tough. I've had other pets, but she's special.

One thing that will always impress me about a man is if he is nice to my cat. He doesn't have to 'gush' but be friendly and nice. I give better blowjobs when a man is nice to my cat, it's true.

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