I'm a strange stray cat, part 2  

rm_kalisweet 48F
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4/20/2006 3:07 pm
I'm a strange stray cat, part 2

That song was a massive influence on my sexual development. I came of age listening to the Stones, so of course I'm a nasty girl...... The version I first heard was live from Get Your Ya-Ya's Out, and Mick changes the lyric from 15 to 13....my age at the time. My best friend at the time was a bit 'wilder than me' and we spent countless hours discussing sex, Mick Jagger, sex and drugs and rock and roll, and sex, sex, sex!

But the performance that had the biggest influence on my sexual cravings was Midnight Rambler live.......when Mick would beat the stage with his leather belt. But that's another story for another day........

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