Disturbed.....and really nothing I can do!  

rm_kalisweet 48F
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6/15/2006 10:17 pm
Disturbed.....and really nothing I can do!

Something just happened that I found very disturbing.....

I have the IM on, and getting chat offers, and two web pages open......multi-tasking, as you do. I was paged for a chat by a couple, in the 30-40s range, if I remember correctly. Which isn't someone I care to chat with...single men only. At the same time, I was paged by someone I wanted to view, so I quickly hit 'ignore'....

then it hit me.......did I just read what I thought I did???? "interested in 13+ yadda yadda" I can't remember exactly what it said, but for sure I saw the 13+. Now.........that can't be penis size.......did they mean a 13+ child???? My profile is very clear that I am looking for younger men......but by that I mean men, not minors, that is just sick. And if they are being pandered by their parents, that it even worse.

So I thought I should try to find them, and find out just what they were offering. If it was what I suspect, they need to be caught and turned in. Or maybe they did mean something else.....I wanted to be sure. So I loaded all the couples looking for a chat, the thing is their 'name' is a rather common one for couples, followed by a few numbers which I can't remember. No luck finding them, then tried a search. By just looking at three pages of results, I found two couples with that name and some numbers......but neither showed as being online.

So all I really have is a weird feeling......and a partial screen name. Please, I hope I was wrong, and these people are not doing what I suspect they are.....

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