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6/23/2006 6:00 pm

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Okay...tonight's the night, my birthday party. Need to start getting ready in a bit.

My best friend just called a while ago.......she won't be able to make it. Her dumb ass 14 year old son has run away, and her vehicle completely died on her this morning. Just what she needs in her life...more grief. She also passed on the news that another friend's father passed away last night, so of course she won't be able to make it either. Bless her heart.

Kind of hard to go have a good time when your friends lives are going so screwy, isn't it? But it's too late to cancel, and a lot of people I asked I don't have contact info for....... I'm gonna really miss Susan not being there, though.

And yes, a big part of me wants and needs this night........so here's hoping it goes well.

Kali XXX

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