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5/8/2006 3:37 pm

I was having a chat the other day with my friend "L" who used to be on this site as well...I've mentioned her before. We started the internet dating thing together a few years back....2002?

When we started, we posted our ads on the more mundane sites, but we were scared as hell! I can remember my first meeting or 'date'. I was so nervous, petrified! It went okay but nothing came of it. But I didn't die........ I had to learn a lot, and learn it by trial and error. Not that I am any kind of expert about humans, especially men, but one thing I have really gained, that I wouldn't trade for anything, is confidence. And I am also good at run-on sentences.

Posting an add at this site took a whole new type of courage, but it meant I had come a long way. I had learned a lot about myself, and what is was that I really wanted. I have come and gone.....actively posting and looking for a while, and other times have my profile off when I'm not feeling all that sexual.

So we agreed it had been a good thing for both of us way back when....... She is now involved in a relationship with someone very special she met here; it wasn't what she was looking for, but it happens.

I'm really not secretly hoping I'll meet the 'one' here or anywhere. I don't think I have one. And that's okay.........because it can't be more fun than the life I have now, can it?


Kali XXX

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