A dilemma..should I or shouldn't I?  

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4/23/2006 12:02 pm

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A dilemma..should I or shouldn't I?

I am having a dilemma about a young man I was corresponding with a while back. He pissed me off and I made a post about him, here it is:

Then to log on and find a, frankly, bullshit letter from one I had been corresponding with last week. One who quit writing when I proposed a breakfast face-to-face meeting at a restaurant, and made clear we would not be having sex on our first meeting. He would have been coming from out of town, so I assumed he figured that I wasn't worth the effort if no sex was involved. I did say that if the breakfast went well, for his next visit to town he would be welcome to come over. (Insert: as I understand it, he comes to town most weekends anyway to see his family; he is in college) But I guess he wanted it then, and couldn't spare a thought to an investment in the future. Fine......see ya!

But here it is a week later, Fri afternoon, and guess who writes? Oh, he's sorry he hasn't written...he got so busy with school that he couldn't write....yeah. But now it's the weekend, and he's in town, and maybe? Please, you fucked up any chance of that by your disappearance last week. A younger, more gullible lady might fall for that, but if you wanna play with a sexy mature woman, try again. Honesty is a good place to start.


Here's the deal: after receiving the letter I mentioned above, I wrote him a snotty little note, basically telling him I was not as dumb as he seems to think I am. He has since written three times. The first was kind of bullshit, but the others have been better. The letter I got today was pretty good, and made me feel like maybe I should give him another chance........he seems like he might have learned a lesson, and will try to do better.

So..........should I give him one more chance, or kick him to the curb?
Give him another chance....
Kick him to the curb!

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