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11/20/2005 4:24 pm

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temporarily AWOL

Sometimes there is just so little rhyme or reason to life. Just as i was beginning to get replies to carefully crafted emails, i met a girl!

But i met a girl on a sales call to another company, and we got on so well, that we ended up having lunch. She then accompanied me on my next sales call, supposedly to make sure i got there ok. She then waited for me while i did my business, and then we went shopping together.

I then offered to help do a bit of follow up work on her proposal (since when does a buyer help the seller write their proposal?) and then we went for dinner together.

I have since had one of the most topsy turvy weeks. I realised that we had fallen for each other but...

after 5 of the best days ever, with a girl i can get on with naturally, I found out she had a boyfriend. Who she is living with. And they just bought a house together. And they just moved into the new house 2 months ago.

And so, after an absence of nearly a week, I am back to the AdultFreindFinder for a bit of electronic inspiration.

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