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9/11/2006 3:51 pm

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Untitled this one...

What a day...I was still feeling pissed off after seeing my ex's (e's) little sis (l) on Sunday, who I used to be bezzie mates with (we just made a bit of small talk and hugged and stuff but...you know...never the same) and I was being nostalgic and melancholic I suppose. Was due to meet my bezzie G after work for a drink...anyway on the way we bumped into l & e who were out jogging.

Bloody hell she looked good...even more beautiful than before I have to admit...and she was all smiley and chilled and stuff. Even without makeup in her jogging stuff she looked gorgeous. Anyway it put me like 5 steps back. I was nearly in tears later...not that she looked so good, not like that - but it. was. so. nice. to. see. her...
Fuck. It's been seven months and I was doing just fine!

Anyways, me & G went for a curry and G made everything all right again. He pulled me back for the five steps and pushed me another 2 or 3 ahead. You know how he did it...I felt so lucky to have him as a mate that I stopped feeling unlucky to have lost the love of my life. How's that for a friend. It opened my eyes. If you have someone who will stick with you like that when you're being a whinger and getting upset...and make it better...well you gotta love them haven't you. Thanks mate x

Anyway...got to clean up some stuff. Like smoking and lazing around on my skinny ass. Honestly... without the love of a good woman, I'm letting myself go! Don't you reckon girls?? Well, cleaning up from now on. One needs some kind of shock sometimes I suppose, to take stock and find something to improve about oneself. And Lord knows, there will always be something! Night night chaps, thanks for listening. Look after yourselves, and each other! x

rm_margaret1986 32F

9/12/2006 5:54 am

well u are so lucky for someone to pull u up again..we know what mates are for...to pick u from the dumps..we forget them when were someone and guess who we come back to?...them...i suppose...g is good for u..he makes things right..and thats his role and will always be...give smething back when ur ready and able..bec thats what friends for...give and take...then thats what we call foreverxx m

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