A Recent Dream  

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3/31/2006 5:13 am

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A Recent Dream

I normally don’t remember my dreams, but this one hung with me.

The first thing I remember was walking down a very long, darkened hall with my video camera. Thru the viewfinder, I could see a doorway in the distance. There were red and white smoky lights flashing from around the doorframe. There was loud electronic dance music coming from the room; echoing in the hall. The music had a driving pulse that got faster as I approached the door. There was a female voice singing something. I couldn’t make out the words…not sure if there were any.

It seemed like it took forever to get to the door. Almost like it was moving back as I walked forward. I found myself at the entrance…and the door was huge. It was made of gold and towered above me. It had to at least be 20 feet high.

I pushed on the door and it open wide freely. A rush of sound, smoke and light poured over me. I remember thinking to myself that I just needed to keep the camera steady; nothing worse than shaky video footage. The music and voices were disorientating but I moved forward into the dense smoke and light.

Suddenly, I found myself amongst a crowd of men and women. I couldn’t see any faces as their backs were to me. They were watching something beyond my view. I moved forward thru the crowd and eventually found myself at the edge of a very large, red plush bed. I saw a woman being undressed by a man. Each had on “lone ranger” type masks covering only their eyes. They were kissing and touching as the bed began to rotate.

With the music still blaring, I moved in closer to get a better view with my camera. I was so close I must have been on the bed. I taped his hands roaming the curves of her body. The guy then buried his face between her legs. Her hands moved thru his hair. She held his head in her hands and began grinding into his face.

Next thing I remember, he was positioned on top of her. I was taping from directly over head, which seemed like a very cool angle. All I could see of her were her arms and legs wrapped around his body.

Just when it was getting good, I woke up…

Either I've been watching too much porn...or its time break out the video camera and make one

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