What brought me to this point  

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4/13/2006 4:29 pm

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What brought me to this point

I have always been a quiet respectful person so this really goes against the grain for me! I joined and then rejoined this site recently. In both instances I had ended amicably a relationship with a wonderful woman or so I thought and do some extent I still admire them!

My question, comment pertains to this site, ladies (Guys do it as well I admit and disportionately so) why do some, NOT ALL, ladies play games on a site that pupports to be about adult relationships, why the dishonesty. Aren't we all supposed to be open and honest on a site whose goal is clearly markedly different than say Match.com or Eharmony, the very nature of the site would seem to engender honesty about what you want! Is it so hard to admit you are interested in or seeing someone else it doesn't make you less of a woman?

My conumdrum is this- you complain and rightfully so when a man is dishonest about the status of your relationship or who is seeing and you feel hurt and betrayed when the guy who are seeing on this site is dishonest or cheating or both, but yet you feel it is okay to be dishonest in your dealings with men! Don't mistake me this does not apply to all women but I have recently (once again) experienced this type of deception 1st hand, the irony being that the lady (and she still is in my opinion a beautiful , warm and special woman) I was talking to and cared about was hurt by one of her friend's (from this site) mistreatment of her, he had been dishonest, advoided her responses and messages and she found out later on, he effectivley strung her along! For the record I believe him to be the lowest form of human being a manipulator who is disrespectful to woman- NOW if she was so hurt by his actions WHY could she not see that her similar actions towards me, being interested in another guy and not being upfront about it but being coy and to an extent decietful and evasive when asked directly was equally inane and WRONG?

WOMEN and to a lesser extent men HELP ME,as much as I am hurt by the charade I am far more confused! Whatever happened to DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD..



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