My Valentines day!  

rm_justateaze 45F
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3/17/2005 5:01 pm

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My Valentines day!

So I started off V-day the right way. With a lil action from hubby before he was off to work. Then back to bed for a few. When I got another start on the day I got dressed and went out to play... Started right here at the neighborhood grocery store. I was in the produce isle picking up a few things for later when my coat happened to slip open (oops)! The man over by the tomatoes dropped his bag bagfull and gawked while his wife procedded to smack him upside the head and give that same ol look i'v been gettin for awhile now. The man standing at the end of the isle wasn't with partner so he quickly moved in... So there I am dressed as I was with my coat hanging open with a cucumber in my hand when this man reaches me. His face is already a very pretty shade of red. He proceeds to make small talk so I indulged him with some small talk of my own. As you see I was picking out a cucumber for playtime later on and I needed a second opinion, so I asked.
Now if that wasnt just the cutese response I have ever seen. The man regressed in age to a babbling baby all of 2 yrs old. As I am trying not to laugh at this poor man ( I am not a cruel person really) I happen to look down and that did it. Obviously it was to much for him cause he ha messed himself. Oh well I gather my cucumbers and walk away.

Next it was off to See's candy for some chocolate. Now I tell you it is such a shame that there were no men working there. I could of really enjoyed that trip. But as luck had it I was served by two old bitties! No fun there....

So I'll tell u about the drive across town. While I had the attention of everyone I passed I obviously didnt have my attention on the road either because I came up to a stop sign and tapped someone's rear end. OMG I'm thinking, this looks real bad! Till I look up and I see the finest piece of young meat a woman could ever ask for. As luck would have it I did not do any damage to his vehicle or mine, but I sure did wreck his love life for all those young ladies out there.
***And hey if you're out there,,, THANK YOU!***

well that is all for now if you want to hear more let me know. Bye for now

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3/17/2005 6:29 pm

OK Honey, other than skin, what were you wearing under that coat? Did the accident pay off? Don't leave us hanging now! LOL.

Italian4UandNew 46M
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3/18/2005 5:41 pm

Tell me more, wow!!! I wish you could bump your car into my truck and let me inspect the damage, do the bodywork, polish you, rub you and make you all better !!!

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