so why r u here??  

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9/27/2005 11:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

so why r u here??

I just recently viewed a bio and I won't say who it is but I what to quote her, she said and I quote "I'm not looking to meet ppl for sex or anything that goes with it... just looking to chat and maybe make a few friends, men or woman" she also goes on to say "Well after dating a couple ppl that I have met from this site.. I have finally learned this is not the place to meet go figure
So now I just come here to chat if I'm board and got nothing better to do... and like I said at the first I would just like to make a few friends and I don't mean friends with benefits so if that is what your looking for reading my profile you better move on, and check out the next contestant because I'm not the one for you"

well sweet heart did you happen to read the headliner for this site.....????
it does say AdultFriendFinder, THE WORLDS LARGEST "SEX" & "SWINGER" PERSONAL SITE I'm sorry but if all your looking for is chat well there are plenty of chat groups that will be better suited for you, most ppl come here to connect on a sexual level and if your not there then move on, as far as you saying this is not the right place to meet guys or women to date I think that was very inconsiderate of you to say that because there has been many and I mean many of ppl out there that have fallen in love and carried on as couples, maybe you should take a close look at your self eh..... if you tried a few dates and said that this is not the place for that well I see one command denominator here and it's "YOU" ....sounds to me you got issues coz after trying a few times and it not working out well honey you got the problem here not your dates

I'm sorry for being blunt but that's me I shoot from the hip, if you don't like the heat then get out of our bed.......

but to you my dear I wish you the best of luck in what ever it is your looking for but remember your are a single 31 yr old girl and from what I can see time is on the move and your lagging behind......

afa baby!!!

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