Turn the other what?......  

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1/30/2006 3:50 pm

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Turn the other what?......

Now that I live in the South, it has become necessary to equip myself with a few little tidbits of biblical knowledge to shock those bible study attending zealots back into line. Apparently I was absent when we went over this in Sunday school.

After David killed Goliath, he lived with King Saul of Israel. Now, Saul was a nutjob and afraid of David, so when his daughter professed her love for him, Saul decided to task David with an errand of love that would surely lead to his demise. Go forth and bring back the foreskins of 100 philistines. No, I don't know for what he wanted them. The idea was to get David killed. In the spirit of Christianity, David really applied himself and brought back 200. Saul got his foreskins and David got to marry the daughter.

First Book of Samuel, ch. 18 of the King James Version.

When this shows up on the board of the local Baptist church as a sermon topic, you can bet I will be in the front row. I hope there's a slide show...

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