And now...for something completely different....  

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5/2/2005 12:53 am

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And now...for something completely different....

I'm hooked...other than the inspiring muse that got me to start this thing, I've apparently gotten one, that is 1 (uno) response to my first blog. Therefore, the rest of you will need to be subjected to my inane ramblings until either I decide to not allow my credit card to be renewed or I see that a recent post got absolutely no views (note to all that are reading...the author just gave you the method of his demise).

Today's, or this morning's as the case may be, rant deals with something we males go through on this and I'm sure other sites. I'll call it the "Russian Bride Syndrome". Now, I consider myself pretty internet savvy. I've never opened a e-mail from someone I didn't know, never replied to a Nigerian bank e-mail (if you knew my real last name, you'd KNOW that nobody that died in Africa has my same name), and I laugh at the e-mails that are exactly the same from the cookie cutter gals that live in the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic...but I was duped my friends. Duped like a guy that signs up for AdultFriendFinder and immediately posts his digital photos of his member while immediately getting himself off with Rosie, the only "woman" that will be in his near and long term future.

Here is the post....
I have had a bunch of replies, most of them pretty far out there. If you are seriously looking to hook up then send me an email and i'll send you my contact info.
Hope to hear from you.
gave her addy here...well not her real addy

Well, dear reader, I'm sure you have a few queries...yes, I wrote her first, yes, she met all of my 'check mark' criteria, and NO, she didn't post genital material (no, that's not an immediate negative, but it will take lots to make up for it...folks...there's something to be said for ANTICIPATION!). So, since the lady was somewhere in the greater Atlanta area (which is funny, because I'm in that area but closer to SC than to much of the greater Atlanta area) I wrote. Her response above seemed genuine and hell, if you look at her profile, she seemed a breath of fresh air from most on AdultFriendFinder.

Well, you see where the train wreck I call my stupidity and my life is heading...she directed me, from her "private" e-mail, to a pay site where I could contact her. I know, I know, you're saying "JIM, you dumb ass..." or at least "DUDE, since I didn't know your name was Jim, you DUMB ass!", but you know what, we guys aren't gals, and we'll do just about anything if we think there's someone on the other end that is REAL, that is CARING, that is WILLING TO ACTUALLY HAVE A RELATIONSHIP of any sorts...yes, ladies, in actuality, we are pathetic, but you probably knew that. Her "private" e-mail turned out to be one of many, as even after I paid the 20 saw bucks to join a service that she wasn't on...she sent not one but 4, yep, count 'em, 4 e-mails asking why I didn't respond...and all 4 were from different "private" e-mail addys.

Anyhoo...Callie...thanks. I was one of the first pioneers of the internet (no, I didn't invent it Mr. Gore) and remember the days of Prodigy, bulletin boards, and Compuserve. But until I got on AdultFriendFinder...never been scammed into buying a membership to find that you weren't even there.

Guys...and gals too, though I doubt this happens to you...if she wants you to pay...RUN, don't walk to the nearest ESC key. It only cost my 20 bucks, but in the long run, I guess I'm still ahead in the game.

On with the searching...good luck out there folks. And to piss off my muse...any ladies out there looking for a NSA relationship....LOL....don't call me...there isn't such a thing as a NSA relationship. See, I CAN learn! Woof Woof!

But that's just my opinion...I could be wrong....

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