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Tried to ...

We set up a meet and greet with a couple from here. Jst had begun chatting with the wife via e-mail and IM.

We got around to exchanging 'real' pictures. Nothing 'adult' about them. Just showing our faces in real world settings. Their photos showed people that we thought we might be able to get along with.

Normal. Everyday. Down home folks.

It seems our pictures inspired them in the same way. So a day was arranged that they were going to be in our town. We decided to let the 'men' handle the when and wheres of it all.

Jst called the hubby. The hubby never called back. One attempt down the drain. But, hey! We understand that things happen. Plans change. After all, we live in this world too.

One day. Just after Christmas. We finally were able to set up another meet and greet. We had already told them "Bring the kids. We have kids. If you have to bring them, then do so. We really don't mind."

They said they would be in town during a specific time period. So we got dressed and prepared to go meet them. Now keep in mind this is our first meet and greet with this couple. We want to make at least a decent impression. So, being the season it was, we wore 'good' clothes. Jst had on clean and not stained/ripped jeans and a nice button down shirt. 4 wore a dress. Nothing flashy but nice.

When we got to town, we called them. "Where are you?" "Oh, well we just got to town. There is a coffee shop just up in the next shopping center. Why don't we meet there?" "Good. We'll see you there in about 10 min. We are looking forward to this."

Upon arrival at the shop, we decided to quickly view the e-mail they had sent that contained their pictures again. Made since to us. We didn't want to catch the wrong people. We had looked in the shop and not seen anyone at first.
We reviewed the photos. Looked for the vehicle they said they were going to be driving. Then called. "Where are you?" "Oh, you are here." "Okay, we are on our way in."

Thus began the strangest meeting I have ever attended.

We walked in and got in line. A man walked up to Jst and asked if he was 'so-and-so' Jst agreed and he said "I'm so-and-so." Jst turned to me and said he was going to go sit and start getting acquainted. I said no problem, I'll get drinks. After placing my order, I noticed a woman 'giving me the eye'. Not in a bad way. But you know. The 'do I know you eye'. I got our drinks and went over to meet Jst. The woman who was eyeing me was sitting there too. Seems she did know me after all. In a manner of speaking.

We all sat in comfy chairs. She and I by the windows. I was cold and wanted the feel of the sun. We sat facing each other. Table between us. Jst sat to my right with hubby in front of him.

The first thing out of her mouth ... "I'm sorry I don't have on any make-up." Honestly. I was shocked. "Don't worry about it. You don't have to impress anyone here. This is just about getting to meet face to face. Besides, you look fine."

The next thing out of her mouth... "I'm sorry we didn't dress for this." WHAT?! Heck! We weren't wearing anything fancy. Just nice, be seen in public clothes. "Don't worry. Really. If you are comfortable then that's all that matters." Here I decided on a little white lie. "We are only dressed like this because we have a business thing at his work to go to at some-time or other."

I thought I was helping her get over her discomfort. We managed to move on to ...
"I'm sorry I had to bring the kids." OMG!!! Is this for real? "Not a problem. Which ones are yours?" They were sitting a bit away. I said hello to the oldest. She and I started talking again. Unimportant, unremembered conversation.

At times I would try to involve myself in what the men were discussing. Never happened. At times Jst would try to involve himself in what the women were discussing. Never happened. Each time one of us tried to communicate with the opposite sex of the other couple ... we were dragged back by our 'partner'.

Throughout my conversation with her ... were the same "I'm sorries" that she began with.

When we said we had to leave; we all stood. I shook hands with her and him. Jst shook hands with him. I said "This was interesting. It was fun to meet someone from the site. We should do it again when neither of us are as rushed." She said sure. We parted ways.

The second we got in our vehicle...Jst looks at me and says

"Did you notice? He never once let me near her."


"I didn't get to shake her hand. Either in hello or good-bye. Every time I tried to look at her he would lean in and get between us. I don't know if he was stopping me from seeing her or her from seeing me."

We went on about our day. We spent a nice time together in town at a local restaurant. See, even with the meet and greet not going well...we can still enjoy each other.

Jst and she have IMed a few times since then. But no other meetings have been set up.

One couple checked off the list.

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