Some about our neighbors  

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Some about our neighbors

Dick and I have been trying to find a couple that we can befriend. Not necessarily in a sexual way. Just another couple we can visit with and do grown up things with. Our first real attempt at this was with our neighbors. They moved in shortly after we did. Had one child, our sons age. They were about our age or close enough to it to make no never mind. After about a year we start to notice that they seem to fight a lot. Publicly. Our bedroom is at least 250 feet from their home. With the children in the living room watching TV or playing a game, and us in the bedroom with our TV going ... we can still hear them screaming at each other. Their boy took to hanging out at our house a lot. Our son would go over there to spend the night. I would wake up to the door opening, go into the front room to see him and the neighbors child sneaking into his room. The fighting over there bothered him to much. He brought his friend over for some peace and quiet.

Fast forward ... She would come over to 'visit' with me. First words out of her mouth ... got anything to drink? Then she would sit at my kitchen table and complain about her husband. OR
She would ask me questions about what I do when Dick does/doesn't do this/that. Being the type of person I am .. I would answer her questions as honestly as I felt comfortable. Not to long after one of these conversations...her husband confronted my husband .."Why the hell do you have to be such a damn good husband? My wife talks to your wife then comes home and bitches 'Well he does this for her and Dick will do that for her and he doesn't do such and such' Fuck man! Give me a break!" Now what was Dick supposed to say to that? What ever the case -- I started keeping the alcohol where it couldn't easily be seen and she stopped coming over.

Fast forward ... she got pregnant. We knew that they didn't practice any type of birth control other than the ??? stroke??? pull out??? I don't know, but it's when the man pulls out before he cums. When we were first getting to know them .. it didn't take a rocket scientist to do the math and discover that these two HAD to get married. Learning they didn't practice safe sex .. we asked .. do you want another child. Answer no. (From him to Dick the answer was Hell No!) Naturally, they got pregnant. He complained to Dick ... "Damn, in just 6 more years [insert first child here] will be 18 and I would be free to leave her ass. Now I'm stuck for another 18 years." Yep this sounds good doesn't it!?

Every once in a while my daughter will babysit their youngest child. (I actually hate when she does this because the parents are NOT reliable. If they say from 2 in the afternoon until 6 that same eve ... you can bet the child will be in the house sometime around 3 and they will not be seen again until almost midnight.) Recently, the child walked up to my daughter and screamed in her face "You a Bitch!" Why? Because she told him he couldn't color on the wall. Now that I think about it .. that was the last time she babysat for them and she still hasn't gotten paid for it. It's been since before Christmas.

Makes you wonder why staying for the children is a good idea. I know that not all cases are like this ... but these people are not giving their youngest a good role model. At least the oldest has a half way decent head on his shoulders ... even if he does have to come to me for condoms. At 17 he could by them himself ... I guess the shyness factor is still there. I asked him why he didn't ask his parents ... "Are you kidding! They would kill me!" {Why do you think this would be? Does his daddy want him to end up in a shotgun wedding too?}

Second couple down the drain.

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