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I only had another 20 Ks of dirt left to go before reaching
the bitumen and the final homeward stretch. Trying to make
up for lost time I was pushing it a bit when the right hand
front tyre went. The Ute swerved across the dirt, naturally
I over corrected and skidded into a large rock in the drainage
gully. I got out shaken but unhurt which is more than I can
say for the fucking Ute. It was stuck fast with the rock wedged
between the gearbox and engine. I looked at my mobile phone,
but true to form there was no signal. I had no idea if there
were any homesteads in the area so I just settled back made
myself as comfortable as I could. I must have dosed off for
a while, when I opened my eyes it was starting to get dark.
Another half hour will do it I thought, and it will be dark
enough. As the last light faded I got out and stood in the
back of the Ute and had a good look around for any lights.
To my joy I saw the glow of lights from a house up ahead and
off to the right. I had walked for about three quarters of
an hour before I could make out what looked like a homestead
set well off the road.

I walked up to the front door and knocked, no answer. So I
knocked a bit harder, and said hello anyone home. Silence,
not a sound, I was just about to go around the back when the
sound of a gunshot rang out. That’s good I thought, there
is defiantly someone home. “Hello” I yelled, “Hi I’m out
the back, come on around”. I walked along the side of the
house and as I turned the corner a lady said “Hello, I’m sorry
about the gunshot but I had a feral cat in my sites”. “Not
any more but, thank god, take a look at the size of it would
you”. “Sorry I didn't answer your knock but I was so
intent on getting the bastard, I’ve been after it for a while
now”. “I’m Kathy, what can I do for you?” “I’m Tony, my cars
got a flat tyre and is stuck on a rock about 8 K’s down the road
and I was wondering if you had a phone I could use to get some
help.” “Of course but it’s a bit late to get anyone out now,
you can stay here tonight and call in the morning.” “I don't
want to put you to any bother Kathy.” “Its no bother my sister
and I would love a bit of company.” Sue’s making dinner as
we speak, come in and I’ll make a cup of Tea.”

We walked into the kitchen, Kathy said “Ha Sue, look what
I found.” Sue turned around looked at me then turned to Kathy
and said “Well you did yourself proud there young Kath.
I looked at them stunned, Sue looked at me and said “We are
identical twins.” Anyway make yourself comfortable and
I’ll organize the Tea. We sat there and drank our Tea and
then Sue said “dinner will be ready soon we better have a
shower.” They both got up and went to walk out, “you coming
Tony?” With that I got up and followed the girls out back
to the shower block. Kathy said “don't take too long
Tony there is not much hot”

Water. Whilst eating our food Sue turned to Kathy and said,
“It looks like this might be a good night.” Then without
a break Sue said “We don't get to see many visitors around
here.” then Kathy said “So we make try and make the most of
any company.” It was quite disconcerting the way they spoke,
one sentence from each of them just flowed as though they
were one. As we finished dinner, Sue asked "Would
you like to play Tony?" "Play what?" I
asked. They both said together "with us." I
swallowed...... Then said "Are you kidding?” “Play
with the two of you?” “Fuck Yes, I would love to play with
the two of you." With that the two girls lead the way
to a bedroom. Sue opened the door and turned on the light
the first thing I saw was the bed in the centre. I looked up
to see six large mirrors hanging at varying angels from
the ceiling by chains.

The affect this gave was stunning, there was six of everything.
The lighting in the room was not bright but it certainly
was not what you would call dim either. On a table set close
to the bed was an array of oils and sex toys. Kathy walked
over to the wardrobe and opened the door. It was full of leather
bondage gear. I was about to ask the girls what they had in
mind when Sue said “Tony why don't you allow me?” with
that she started to undo my shirt, as she did Kathy asked
“Do you have a problem with bondage Tony?” I replied “Not
at all, but I’m not really into pain.” “We agree, pleasure
is the sole order of the day, shear unadulterated pleasure.
Kathy then lay a large sheet over the bed, as she did Sue let
my pants drop to the floor and I stepped out of them. “Would
you lay down on the bed, please Tony?” I positioned myself
in the centre and sheep skin cuffs where placed around my
wrists and ankles. I was totally naked and securely strapped
to the bed, I have never felt so vulnerable before in my life.
The feeling was so erotic my mind was running at a hundred
miles an hour and my body was in a high state of arousal. As
I lay there totally helpless the girls had stripped to their
panties and bras. They then started to rub sweet smelling
oil all over my body. I was mesmerized by their beautiful
clear soft lightly tanned skin highlighted by the subtle
and very clever lighting that reflected in the mirrors.
Every mirror showed us at a different angle the illusion
was complete. I have never been placed in a situation quite
so erotic, I was strapped to a bed in the middle of a room with
two sensuous female bodies. Highlighted at six different
angles by the mirrors on the ceiling what more could a man
ask for?

As the girls rubbed the oil on my body Sue slid her hand over
Kathy’s shoulder and popped her bra. At the same time Kathy
popped Sue’s bra, they then started to run there oily hands
over each other. Their emotions building, Sue lent forward
and slid her tongue along the length of my shaft. My Cock
had been crying out for attention it was throbbing so bad.
Every vane was bulging, my cock resembled the trunk of a
tree covered in vines winding their way up. Then Kathy squatted
over my face the first thing that hit me was the sensual smell
that emanated from her pussy. The next thing was the taste
of her sweet pussy juices. Sue gave my Cock a long hard lick,
then sucked one of my balls in between her lips then rolling
it around in her mouth started to hum. The sensation from
the vibrations heightened every feeling to a point I had
never experienced before. Then she started again from
the base she traced the vanes up to the head then ran her tongue
around the rim. Then without warning she took my shaft deep
into her mouth. The suddenness of her action made me gasp
for air and in doing so I took a mouthful of Kathy’s Cunt.
This inturn made Kathy squeal with excitement and settle
her pussy down even further onto my mouth. The pink flesh
coated with juices flowing from her beautiful, moist swollen
pussy. The taste, and the erotic smell of her hot pussy,
well what can I say, I was surly feasting on nectar from the
Gods. The sensations that I got from both these young ladies
were overwhelming. They are well versed in the true art
of lovemaking, working as a team they knew every move. Then
Sue suggested they swap places and slowly moved forward
sliding her smooth body over mine, her tits hanging down
her nipples erect. She made a point of tickling my balls
with her nipples. God that felt so good, then my cock slid
between her tits as they passed. Then skillfully guiding
it along her belly and down towards her moist opening.

As my shaft slid between her legs it popped up at the same
time she sat. Like a well rehearsed movement my column found
her entrance and with a gentle push from me it slid inside
her. As it did she screamed out, “Oh my god! Fucking hell,
this feels so good Kathy”. “I can feel the rim around the
head of this thick cock sliding along the entire length
of my canal. Its moving deeper and deeper inside me, fuck
its a nice fit Kathy” My cock was now wrapped in the warmth
of a beautifully soft, moist gloriously tight pussy, I
was in heaven. Then came the withdrawal stroke she tightened
her muscles and the suction thing happened, this made both
Sue and I moan with delight. As Sue reluctantly got off my
shaft my hot cock soaked with her juices felt the coolness
of the night air, Oh' what a magnificent sensation.
Kathy still sitting on my face then lent forward and devoured
my Cock in a truly well executed sixty-nine. She licked
off all the juices that remand from Sue and as she did, she
moved herself around and settled down between my legs.
Sue by this time had positioned herself over my face to allow
me to sample her juices. There was a subtle difference in
the flavor of the two girls that teased the senses of my pallet.
Sue's juices were very slightly sweeter than Kathy's
who's were a bit more on the spicy side. Kathy decided
she could wait no longer and squatted over my cock guiding
it towards her entrance. Kathy moved it towards her clitoris
then back towards her hole, slowly at first then she increased
the speed. "Holly shit" she cried when it finally
slid in. She hesitated for a second making sure it was positioned
right, then she just sat straight down on my cock pushing
it in all the way. Your right Sue, your fucking right it does
feel good the head of Tony's cock is almost perfect.
It fits so well I can felt it brushing the sides of your canal
as it slid in, with that she started to lift off. Kathy got
a good slow rhythm going at first then gradually speeding
up until an ear piercing scream welcomed a mind blowing

It was just a few seconds after Kathy's scream that
Sue let out a similar scream. The sound you would expect
to come from a Town Crier of yesteryear. Sue was proclaiming
the arrival of an over the top climax that had her love juices
flowing with such gusto that I came close to drowning. The
next thing I knew Kathy and Sue were sucking on My cock in
a full on feeding frenzy. It took only a few minuets before
it started pumping cum at a rate I had never experienced
before. The two girls took it in turns catching each spurt
of cum as it shot from the eye of my cock. The girls enjoyed
each and every last drop, as if it were a top shelf liqueur.
Then Sue said “Gee you’re a messy eater Kathy, you’ve got
some of Tony’s cum on the side of you mouth, allow me.” with
that she lent over and licked the small morsel of cum from
Kathy’s lip. The girls then rolled over and undid my shackles.
They both gave Tony a loving kiss and then said “Thank you
Tony, that was without question the best fuck we’ve ever
had.” They kissed me again then settled one on either side
of me and fell asleep.

It was around 11pm when Kathy sat up and looked at my withered
excuse for a cock. Then Sue sat up, both girls where now looking
intently at my manhood. “The poor thing, I do think it needs
resuscitating.” Their unrelenting lust once again focused
squarely on me and my cock. I lay there quietly thinking
to myself, “I really don’t know if I can do it again, just

Sue then turned to the top draw of the bedside table and after
a little rummaging around took out a cock ring. It was brand
new and totally different to anything I’d ever seen before.
It consisted of an adjustable ring and what looked to be
a clit exciter. Attached to the side of the clit exciter
was a thin wire leading to a control unit with a button and
a thumb wheel. While Sue was untangling the wire and fitting
two double A batteries, Kathy placed her lips over my cock
taken it all into warm mouth. She sucked and moved my soft
cock around in her mouth, she was an expert in mouth to cock
resuscitation. As my shaft gradually stiffened her soft
full lips slid over my shaft whilst her tongue moved back
and forth over the very sensitive soft fleshy section beneath
the head of my cock. Then she slid her tongue over the top
and inserted it into the equally sensitive eye. Try as I
may to prolong the enjoyment I was experiencing from the
attention of her mouth, my cock grew harder and harder.
Kathy turned to Sue and said, “Our man is now ready for round
two.” “Okay let’s get this cock ring on and adjusted.” “Make
sure it’s not too tight Sue, we must give him room to expand.
Sue slid the ring over my cock setting the Clit stimulator
at the top then carefully tightened the ring a tad. “Maybe
we should check to make sure it’s working properly, with
that Sue picked up the control and pressed the button. I
felt a light vibration, then as she turned it up the speed
increased. Well, did that do it or what? I could feel the
vibrations run the full length of my cock. She turned the
knob a tad further, then amongst the vibrations I felt a
small electric shock that made my cock twitch. Apparently
the expression on my face said it all. The girls looked at
each other and with a smile in there eyes exclaimed ‘IT’S

“Bring it on” Kathy screamed “Let’s do some serious FUCKING!!”
With that she slid her leg over me, took hold of my shaft and
inserted it into her warm wet hole. Then slowly lowered
herself down onto my now rock hard cock. She settled herself,
then said Sue “Start the engine.” With that sue turned the
knob and the vibrations began. Kathy said, “Turn it up Sue,
TURN the fucking thing UP!!!” Advancing the knob steadily
the vibrations intensified. Then the electric shock kicked
in, the wetness of Kathy’s pussy enhanced the effect. An
uncontrollable twitch in my cock went deep inside her.
Then as the clit exciter touched Kathy’s spot she grabbed
at her nipples and squeezed screaming out holly fuck that
feels so good. By this time Sue was feeling a little left
out of the action so she settled her pussy over my face. The
next shock coincided with my tongue touching the tip of
her clit. The gentle shock was transferred through my tongue
and directly on to this very sensitive piece of juicy pink
flesh. Sue, not expecting anything shuddered and screamed
out, “Did you feel that, well did you? Did you?” “What the
FUCK was it?” “Do it again that was truly amazing, fucking
amazing.” Then before she could utter another word it happened
again. “Holly shit!” Sue yelled “Tony’s got the power in
his tongue.” Then Kathy screamed “and in his Cock.”

The two girls thought this was just the greatest sensation.
They could not get enough of it, I must say I was enjoying
it, the feeling was awesome. Each time the Cock ring gave
of a shock my Cock jolted. Each shock sending waves of indescribable
pleasure through my cock into both ladies. These incredible
moments of pleasure continued on with the girls swapping
places. Sue then turned the knob until it was running flat
out. It did not take long before the three of us were teetering
on the verge of a triple orgasm the likes of which were unknown.
Then the three of us all came at the same time and all three
us yelled “Turn it off! Turn the fucking thing OFF.” Our
bodies were so sensitive, with each and every nerve ending
constantly exploding. None of us could handle the intensity
as the pleasure turned to strange but nonetheless very
pleasurable sort of pain flowing through our bodies. I
thought the girls had originally intended to try for round
three that night. However that was before the electronic
Cock ring came into play. That little sucker was worth every
dollar, and more, that night? We all slept where we fell,
not one of us had the strength to move another muscle that
night we were totally fucked.

I have never, ever complained about dirt roads again. As
far as I am concerned, they are, and will always remain ‘Mine,
if not Mans best friend.’ And as for modern technology and
that electronic Cock ring, the only thing the two young
ladies and myself could say was,


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